• I love you
    And yes I know that
    You have a girl already
    She is my friend
    So what can I do about that?

    I have a man too
    What can we do?
    this is Torture
    it's like I'm being wipped in the back
    Is love suppose to feel like this?

    I'm in need
    to kiss you its just that
    she is there
    what can I do so that I
    wont hurt anyone?

    I guess that it is impossible
    but I will still love you
    even if
    you have a girlfriend
    I know windows will open for me

    but how is this going to work
    when I also have a boy
    this is complicated
    oh so intoxicating...
    I need I need some air

    my heart has brusies oh cant you see?
    I am needing someone to be
    By my side when I fall down
    I need I just need you by my side

    No one knows how I feel (how i feel)
    It's soffocating and complicating
    Cant you feel? (cant you feel)
    the Tension that we both have around us
    I'm in love with you
    now come and free my from my chains

    These black shackels on my feet
    I'm a prisioner to cupid
    Why cant I? (see the future)
    Why can't I? (go my own way)
    But why can't you? Why can't you?
    See that I'm love struck