• When you tell me that you like her
    I cheer you on, because that's what friends do
    But can't you see the crack in my heart?

    When you ask her out
    I wish you all the luck in the world
    But can't you see my tears that fall?

    When you talk to her
    I know you'll win her precious heart
    But can't you see you've already have mine?

    When you hug her tight
    I take the picture for you
    But you can't see I wish she were me

    When you kiss her lips
    I tell you that you're very brave
    But you can't see the pain that broke me in two

    When you tell me you love her
    I wish you happiness with her
    But you can't see that I'll love you forever

    When you two break apart
    I comfort you, and say "everything's gonna be alright"
    But I can see that this cycle will begin again,
    where I am never her