• I’m sittin in a room eyes closed listening to the lullaby of a death metal scream
    Unaware of all the activity buzzing on around me
    The room around me darkens slightly and I open my eyes
    Out the window I see the rain coming softly down
    Everyone in the room stops their work to watch the world for a second
    To see the rejuvenating rain bring everything back to life
    I watch people rush inside out of the soft sweet rain with a smile on my face
    I shake waiting to run out and feel it tapping gently on my skin
    Washing over my face like the calm taking over my mind
    There is a single person now with her face turned to the clouds
    She tries to console the weeping sky with her sunshine smile
    Class is dismissed but I cannot pry myself from her beauty
    Scared that she will evaporate into the clouds and join the rain, I make a run for it
    I reach the door and see her amidst the crowds of people still standing there
    I’m drawn toward her eyes fixated on her everything
    She has long brown hair let loose to hang by her shoulders
    Her eyes closed above her petite nose and full supple lips
    She hugs her books close to her trying to keep them from flying away
    As I stop in front of her she opens her eyes and looks into mine
    The sweet autumn brown emits a warmth that resonates in my whole being
    I ask her to dance and her cheeks flush with the red of her lips
    She extends her hand with a little curtsy to accept my offer
    I take her hand and we begin to waltz as the rain melts the world around us
    The beat of the rain sets the tempo as we spin faster in bliss
    A distant bell shatters the illusion and she rushes off to class
    My tears mix with the rain as I mourn the loss of my nameless love