• The dirty mirror stained with an outline of a memory,
    that you and I were meant to be.
    I see a reflection that tears my heart out,
    a vision of you and how our life was.
    What ever happened to ourselves!

    Now whenever I see a reflection,
    I think of our lost love,
    never making a connection.
    Never to be free to reach out high and above!

    I always see that image you left in my mind,
    a vision of love that never should been left behind.
    You held me so gengerly I thought might heart would melt,
    but when you kissed me my soul went as well.

    The mirror that trapped our love, is now laying shattered,
    in fact that it will never be replaced makes it a sad matter.
    Although the reflection is not able to be fixed, and is broken,
    and does not mean our love won't live forever in the end!