• If only these wings could fly...
    I've tried flapping them day and night
    But no wind graces below them
    Only feathers shake out onto the floor

    Maybe I could try and be a peacock
    Flash my feathers to try and get attention
    But I'm far too shy for that...
    And I would only feel like the ugly duckling

    Perhaps I could quote the raven
    And use my clever wit to my advantage
    Making people's weakness a disadvantage
    And drive them all riveting mad...

    But none of that changes me
    My wings are completely immobile

    Locked inside my little cage...
    Like a sparrow, waiting to fly into the sun
    With broken wings, I don't belong in the sky

    How then can I be free?
    To glide along the silver lining...

    I am in need of repair
    Someone come and heal these broken wings
    So that I may be free at last...