• It amazes me how you say you care then take it away.

    It amazes me how when I become hurt, I push you away.

    Amazing how selfish we cats and wolves can be.

    I'll understand if you can't stand me.

    I'll understand if you don't want me around.

    Understanding is something that is needed, that we don't have.

    You say you know me like an open book.

    Problem, you know only half of me.

    You only know the part of me torn to pieces by my other half.

    Sometimes I hope you never know my other half.

    But sometimes that can't be helped.

    To someone completely, you need to know both sides.

    Tell me who you are, so I know you completely.

    Don't hide behind a mask like me.

    I'm not allowed to be happy.

    Not allowed to be me.

    I may not be the prettest girl out there.

    I may not be the one you like.

    I may be a nothing in your eyes.

    But one day, maybe today, I'll become a something.

    Something you'll want again, but will never have.

    I don't do second shots.

    We weren't suppose to be together.

    Not because of our ethic background.

    But because, we didn't know each other well enough.

    With this I say goodbye.