• The Winds of Life

    We watch the winds of life

    Pass us by.

    We feel the wind rush through us,

    Like never ending energy.

    These winds can't be forseen,

    They can't be changed,

    They can't be destroyed.

    But there are some of us,

    Who don't watch the wind,

    Just pass by.

    We ride the wind,

    To the heavens and back.

    Always laughing,

    No matter how strong the wind is.

    Waving to the people below,

    Who just watch the wind pass them.

    We are not outcasts,

    We are not evil,

    We are different,

    To people who just watch.

    The wind will take us,

    Wherever it blows,

    Wherever the grass grows,

    Wherever the water is calm and clear,

    Wherever the sand is flat and warm,

    Wherever the mountains touch the sky.

    Wherever these winds may take us,

    We shall follow,

    And ride the ever changing,

    Winds of Life ...