• This little girl was so full of life and cheer
    But that would soon end for her death was near

    She loved her mother, father, sister and brother
    But she loved her teddy bear like no other

    She prayed every night asking "Please god, take away this fright"
    For her fathers friend would take away her inocence every night

    Her mother and father had no idea what was happening
    She always seemed happy, smiling and laughing

    She never once did she say a thing
    And she never showed fear As long as she had her teddy bear

    She talked to it every night
    For only when she talked to him did she see the light

    She got straight As in school
    And was never taken for a fool

    She was awaken by a hand up her night gown
    And he had on a mask of a clown

    She knew who he was, and was sick of what was happening to her
    And when he was done he buried her face in her teddy bears fur

    She walked to her fathers gun cabinet and walked to her room
    And 3 minutes later everyone heard a big boom

    They all found her shot in the head and wrapped coat and beside her violated body was a note
    "If you want to know why I did this ask Bobby"
    Is what she wrote