• Well I guess I'll take that one
    When I really wanted this one
    If that's all that is available
    It still is pretty nice

    I'd rather have the other
    But who knows if THAT would happen
    Well, just look at what I'm getting
    And its only half the price

    Well you know I really love it
    I couldn't ever buy another
    What was I ever thinking
    I don't want the pricy one

    Yes its been just what I needed
    And its come in very handy
    It has exceeded expectations
    now my shopping days are done

    But I've won a million dollars
    And can have the real deal
    So I think I'll buy it now
    Before the store runs out again

    I cannot forget the old one
    Now that I love it deeply
    I'll still have it hang around now
    Since I love it like a friend

    In this world of upgrades
    I'm glad that games aren't people
    or this would be a tale of heartache
    with a most depressing plot

    Instead its just me writing
    and clearing out my head
    so the reason that I'm writing
    can one day be forogt