• Can you even remember a time when your sense of self wasn't someone else
    when your shadow fell against the wall and it was you who took the fall
    you'll grab the line you won't learn to swim
    a pathetic excuse of where you've been

    but I still love you for who you were,
    not for who you are, or maybe you are still
    who I'm without and who I have learned,
    just to wish for and hope you will come home... home to me

    How do you sleep at night knowing that you aren't yourself
    And laugh knowing you're not you, but someone else
    I'm no better, don't exactly fit the letter,
    but at least I know just who I am... I just wish I knew who YOU were

    but I still love you no matter what and no matter who
    you choose to be and what to hold onto
    just remember my smile and that three word song
    don't forget I do and will always love only one person... YOU.