• In the sea shore I walk alone.. at nights
    My eyes filled with tears
    My lips crushed between my teeth
    My hands wrapping myself tightly
    My heart crying for its own death..

    I see no future in front of me
    May be I don’t see the one I wished to
    It’s hard to get ready for another future
    The future where I won’t see you any more
    The future where I will forget you completely..

    Everything around me is empty now
    Everything that had had life before
    I will look for a shop where I can buy a new heart
    This time I will be careful not to let it fall
    At least for the one who is not going to catch it..?

    I will start a new beginning
    I will color myself in a different brush
    To hide my pains from others
    I won’t let myself get wet in emotions
    I’m just afraid to learn about love again . . .