• Take chances the first time
    You don’t have second chances
    That happens once in a life time
    People don’t realize
    The feelings you have
    They are blind to it all
    As you feel your heart
    You want to yell
    Till you have nothing left
    You are without hope
    Forever and ever
    Take chances the first time
    And maybe you won’t get broken
    Maybe you want get hurt
    To the point of no return
    Once you have a broken heart
    It can never be fixed
    You’re an unfeeling
    Your hearts on fire
    And the place
    In which your heart lies
    Is on fire
    Molten hot liquid
    Take chances the first time
    That way you won’t fall
    That way you don’t break
    That way…
    Your not a ghost
    That way your not cold
    And hot at the same time
    That way your not numb
    Of everything
    And anything in-between