• And I'm no hero, you remember how ir was, you know, all I ever did is worry feeling out of control, till the point where everything was going end over end, I'm spinning around in circles again
    This is where yuo come in, all this to explain to you why I had to seperate myself rom yesterday's life, please remember this isn't how I hoped it would be, but I had to protect you from me.
    That's why I slipped out the back before you knew I was there, I know you felt unprepared, but everytime I was around I'd bring you down and I could tell it was time to be scared and
    That's why I slipped out the back before you knew I was there I know the way I left wasn't fair, I didn't want want to be around to bring you down,
    I'm not a Hero but don't think I didn't care
    You know me, I used to get caught up in veryday life, trying to make it through my days, so I can sleep at night, trying to figure out my way through the maze of rights and wrongs
    But like you used to say nothing feels like it is really worth it, forget perfect, I'm trying not to feel worthless
    Since I last saw you I've been searching for a purpose
    Well I met this kid who thought like I did, he had a wierd way of looking at it and this is what he said.
    Fighting so hard to hide our fear we're scaring ourselves, in the truest part of our heart everybody's afraid
    You understand what I'm saying yuou always did

    But it's different in the words of a cowardly kid.