• This is a morbid fairytale.
    It'll make your stomach squirm and your face go pale.
    There's no such thing as a happy ending.
    Your choices, make your fate depending.
    Watch out for the Wicked Witch of the East.
    She's not the worse, her damage will be the least.
    Ursela, deep down in the sea.
    If you can find her, she'll make you what you want to be.
    Heed my warning though, she'll ruin you.
    She'll steal the hearts and souls of the ones you knew.
    Snow White isn't so lovely anymore.
    Before you can count to twenty you'll be dead on the floor.
    Sleeping Beauty waits under your bed.
    She'll make sure your sleeping before making off with your head.
    As for the nice Alice in Wonderland.
    She's disney's hitler, your already in her plan.
    They hide in the darks corners in your mind.
    Awaiting for a weakness to find.
    Worst nightmares become real.
    With nothing left in their hearts to feel.
    They're consumed by hate and pain.
    And corrupting your innocent mind, is in they're gain.
    Everywhere you look.
    They've changed into something evil, out of that book.
    With no way to get them out of your mind.
    They're here for all time.