• = These are the phrases I typed, and I also had to phrase my grammar in a question using dec at the beginning or ? at the end of a phrase result.

    Samuel's Scroll

    God = Do not drink a poison glass of wine.

    I shall not drink a glas = When responding to the statement as answer I get the below

    First go to Yamazato
    Nanwang Country
    Yamazto House?
    in the water?
    Surnames with places and names?
    routine of the heart
    A surname
    Chen Zhao or
    Guan Xinshan?
    Yak County
    Mountain garden
    Chenglin Mountain?
    Yamangai Mountain?
    Chen Guan Xinshan Zhao
    Chenglin Zhao
    Yamazato Daifu stands at the top of Chegnlin County
    Yufu is God?
    Chenglan Province
    It's all tangled in the groove
    chicken hood mountain
    Satin draws water.
    Yufu draws water.
    God draws water.
    Dec draws water.

    Also peaceful?

    Dec Yufu?
    Dec God?
    Dec Satin?
    Dec Samuel?
    Dec God Jehovah?
    Dec Raki Zhao

    Dec Zhang?
    Zhang Pingzi

    Dec Zhang
    Zhang Pingy?

    Dec Zhang Pingye
    Dec Zhang Pingy?
    Dec Zhao Pingye?
    Dec Zhao Pingy?

    seven evils
    Dec seven?
    Dec evils?

    Dec Worries?
    Dec Sorrows?

    Dec Zhao Lu Arm War?
    Dec Zhao Armament

    Dec Zhao War?
    Dec ZhaoArament

    Dec Zhangpingzhou Nanliang

    Entanglement in water life and death is entangled in my eyes = Samuel's Scroll.

    Do not drink a glass of poisoned wine = God.
    First go to Yamazato Province = Response.

    [Zhangping Prefecture is located in Nanwang County.] = Fragment.
    [First to Yamazato House.] = Fragment.
    There is somewhere in the water. = Fragment.
    [Surnames with places and names.]
    It is the routine of the heart; = Fragment.
    [A surname with a place and a name.]
    [Surname Zhao's surname.]
    [Last name Chen.]
    [His name is Xinshan Guan.]
    You can also feel at ease in writing.
    A large tree should also be erected in one place first.
    Yak County.
    [Mountain gardenia hit up.]
    [There is one surnamed Chen.]
    It's also among them.
    It is a place with moisture.
    Yamazato Daifu stands at the top of the mountain
    [It's to go to Yufu.]
    He was a water officer for sixty-eight years.
    A county of Cheng'an Province.
    It's all tangled in the groove
    It's all chicken hood mountain
    There is one who draws water from the temple
    [Surname 癸.]
    Tangled in a mess
    [Think about it.]
    Peace of mind in my heart
    Also peaceful
    It is the central mountain of Shinfu.

    Tutu County.

    It comes from the water.
    You can also look into the water.
    Zhou Li Dafu Zhang Kai is a native of Wu'an Prefecture,
    There is a family surname Zhao

    The governor is the man of our country.
    [Zhang Pingzi said: You are what I think,
    The mountains are dangerous

    [Zhang Pingye.]
    The mountains are dangerous,

    That's why I have this time
    That's why I have these two thoughts?
    Worry and depression become seven evils.
    Worries and sorrows,

    There is water everywhere
    It's all useless.
    [Zhang Ping is also arrogant.]

    [Very surnamed Zhao's surname.]
    First of all, carefully put together the name of the year of the armament war.

    The surname of the person with the surname 癸 is surnamed
    [It all starts from that.]

    Birth without middle birth.
    [Zhangpingzhou is located in Nanliang.]

    is the first of the governors,
    [It is derived from the King Mountain.]


    Questions To Ask

    Who is Zhou?
    What happens when the names are put together?
    Samuel is my name. What do I have to do with life and death involving water?
    Where are the places in the story located?
    Who is the man Yufu? - Uh, wait, it says he was 68 years old drawing water.
    Satin is not the same as Satan. = See Dec ( ) or ? example in program. = How Horrible
    What is connection among Zhou and Zhang name.
    The two thoughts? = Seven evils? = Worry and Depression, what are the seven evils?
    The history of Zhao?
    Why was Zhang Ping arrogant? Wait, is this the same individuals or name?
    King Mountain also known as Chicken Mountain?
    It started from the Zhao Armament War? Uh, wait, what? Beginning of China?
    What does the connection of a man's heart have to do with the Zhao or Dynasty to Past?
    Um, its 2023, so I would not know an answer to this. (Not from China.) Zhang Dynasty.

    Please note, this is a fictional activity but historical story. The story could be real. ._.
    Hopefully by typing this information I am inaccurate, but perhaps someone from China or elsewhere could answer this. I mean, I know this is real. -_- At least I think based on the information given.