• Though we each had our thoughts to witness. When striving of them cease to exist, the land shall roam or they of hard work shall be left with no spokesman besides that to which they are bound by resource. I to know of my shame had broken much direction, but God shall someday cross with me or our paths be bound for different way. Yet, my will is guided by He before me to that of my instance to believe when my death shall come is based upon age to circumstance. I had seen you O authors, goodness and wickedness. The mighty of them fell in high places, yet the lowly be smitten and become as one to bring many to righteous justice for a time. I speak not to rage against them a people, but the captors and to those who build idols among us. Take your material, and if not such, give it to them or those poorer than I. Yet, be not fooled by the wealthy who disguise themselves as beggars or those who commit crimes among the just. As a thief in the night to that of reverence in the day, much approaches the man and they are questioned at their deeds to the motives for which they inspire. There were two thieves on a cross. Remember me you shall in paradise. For a Lord does no wrong according to the man, but under God he serves as many more of us through him gather freedom, thus saving the world from the wicked. The true heart of a Christian is to test each as I, to acknowledge Christ, and thus ultimately God. You have known his name O foundation, yet the temple builders make a graven image unto thee and have I also forgotten? I rebuked my generation as if it were polytheistic in the perception of idol-ism for the building of that third temple. Yet I sought in you heretic to those who were not great wisdom that even as I repent – for the sake of Christ, I spoken against those who cast forth devils at arms. You O false worshipers, you built an Anti-Christlike temple, or an altar of sacrifice. For they in the upper courts, sought the lowly to take hold of power, you whom up high could not, and yet achieved it for means. The temple is torn as they quake far at the name of Christ or that of a man that serves him, the people rebuke for his words and actions. Where my Christ was one as such, he whom gave him acknowledgment was indeed greater as that of a healer where time repairs the wound. It is in the modern time where the East deserves its due for that ancient struggle, but rest assure the western portion has its state on who or what is Christlike to that world region a-far. In social media, they bring back that of gatekeeper discrepancy upon him. Yet, it was I who avoided them till they seek comments out and thus the way brings back heresy. Then a voice will hide in silence for those as I looking for a sign. No book shall be added to that of the end, for it is a plague unto me and the voice of God. Therefore, I wanted to warn those not to take away the validity of what is vital to many. Though, they shall speak, argue, listen, and not hear. As they have spoken before and after me, in no way do I complain. I rebuke knowing the origins to grow up in a similar world. But I too understand that my voice is like the wind, and silent. Where have you gone but to know that Christ or his memory grows up in an ancient to modern generation and is everlasting? I wanted to see what was beyond my thought. So, in that range, I went over my head. For I too thought what was the limit to a man’s thought. In thus the foolish man as a counterpart wanted more. If it is true to want more or less, then one is not satisfied less he be indifferent. It is so with the world. I see it like this, with my mind’s eye, that I retain some aspects of the first to twenty second or so centuries. Then I ask who art thou O man of my fathers to that of who wrote my script? Each man to me and spirit was a thought of our God. I ask what of technology does a man make to enhance rather than to destroy. Or do you not expand upon much besides to devastate. Then I ask those who of their professions, who are you to teach to us and much more than those who offer limited based on the talents and credentials of social status to what indeed research has followed. You O advertisers and censorship, are no greater than scum of the dust. And to the powers that rule the earth with a false government, you are no greater than they who voted you in, to that of God is the ultimate authority. The people live and die for their people, but the words of many as I remained ingrained forever. It to myself is not eternity, but the Lord’s rebuke on my silence for unexpressed thought and witness. I shall ask them of my place, what is known of God. And they shall say to a man, we know what is preached in the word is true. And I shall ask them someday perhaps older, knowing my childlike attitude. And I say to you what was it to you, among the words of the first to many? And then because much knowing the translators and people who want to hide it, much cannot give a future an honest answer. Therefore, I being an author, blast my own talents to that of the navigation which I sow into the work of my head to my hands. Either through miracles which life has seen, there shall be no sign of the Lord but through his heart to those that prove. I shall tell the churches of the Vatican, you shall not rule over a people, to say the ancient rebuke me, to the corporations who kept secrets and then screwed history, you have no guile but your shame as to elect only the few and rule over the gentile. I state to the media as of myself to blast my oneself in this, you shall not rule one nation for you are a scattering people and thus shame mockery to harm innocence of elected officials. This be the call to that of what is an elder to teach, and among the wise the simple? The false law shall be ruled by the people who make the law, but the law indeed needs to be balanced among its courts. Where people have an immoral value, the dignity of life shall not stand. It is not the fact, that one disguises themselves, but through that which is nature and that which is civil, who defines a man or woman for their sexuality to the way that they act with due exception of conditions that they need healed? It is mockery among the justices that confound a people. I believe there are two genders and sexes, and not assumptive stupid sex with eighteen or more different forms. What life is indecent screwed itself among those to progress and integrate life with beasts or habit to stupidity to accept the forms of impractical realities. Therefore, many shall die before me whether I had witnessed them or not, for the world shuns people of innocence over that of the judge and author. When the author is judged, He being my Lord and God is justified, for his intent was not darkness and there is none in him. The God is greater than that of a magistrate though one has an execution-al hand. To the youth, define yourself not on the ways of your parents or myself. Define it on what is righteous. Love is more than nature to the reality, though mankind’s definition defines it as a sickness. Where there is no soul, there is no component of love. For the spirit makes itself manifest and shall define even I the author of my own desires to formalities and realities. I have seen Christians go to heaven and hell, not because they did not know the word, but because many had lost their faith as one hid from them the people where the laborers where few. I had spoken to them, and they shall revile one to many – that being the wicked and the culture, if so, people try to convert others. Many shall argue or fight with belief. But I say to the man, curse not the individual, but the spirit that binds the man. And that is why I have a respect towards those whom I lost in my past, those some were sinners and not just innocence. I pity myself for not growing up a certain way. Such is empty beyond reproach. I state to them, would I rather be an excuse or exception to life? Yes, meditating is meaningless when nothing is done or people do not state what opinion they have, and many approaches for sanity as to forget their subject matters, though I do not know statistics. I tell myself, in them their hope is dim. It is not life that is meaningless, over that of the formalities to make an excuse for much. Because of many, you have granted few as me a living space. For that, if I was meaningless to a world, I was not meaningless to God, knowing I broke the ten commandments. For sinners to be spared of this, means God, has a rebuke, or a plan for them, to become a growth for his purpose in modern day society. I had noticed, the time raps as a scroll. They are worried, and thus history repeats itself and it gets old as the ancient ways of a thousand years to more. Life itself has no King therefore rulers and law are there for stability and elected by God to the people. Christ is the head of the church, and you cannot have Christ tossed as the cornerstone. I stood on the ground of Simon Peter as a church. And this quote, the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Sometimes society, wonders about a background, and the core to the interior, and I state to them as I, O ye little of faith wherefore does it go to what splendor of life and talent you had wasted or hidden. To show unto those who have not seen, they believe, yet greater it is those that have not seen and believe the troublesome things to be. Yet, in retrospect, trust in the good things and not the perils that over take us. Live life to the full even if one is conflicted. They who have a respect in Life if not God is empty, to that of life in itself if God not honor the life, it is a void put there but, on his accord, and to be sent to fire and nothing remain of it. One man has spoken his thought, and it troubles a world, because the priests and heretics will doubt, to those of the groups that remain spoken of in biblical times as Sadducee. But I state to them, Christ has risen and does at his time to I know not when the Lord come. I welcome that in some day, I too will eat my words, and that life shall teach a man his growth as he ponders and learns more to love rather than his attitude to boasting. In Christ he lives compared to that of the world. The law of the prophets… One hangs on the Old and New Testament. Respect not the ideologies of those who preach violence, but understand those of truth, and it is those who not through power or corruption are set free. For life grants them by its decision not mine. There are many philosophies and much evidence. A scroll shall be rewritten as the currents flow. Many faiths will argue the man, and will say are you a doubter of time before your practice, and I will state to them, you fool to persecute as I my own for the heresy they bestow upon the fellow man. Time is wiser than I, through its discipline you persecute the simple and the commonwealth to the observer. A native of your land, to many more you persecute; or expand among their deeds and works and nationality’s conquest. I respond against the antisemitism of centuries vain. Because one cannot persecute the heart as a whole or spirit without knowing the heart. You dare blame one group for your action without a justified mirror to know thyself before judgement and lacking a chance to repent. Yet, I becoming impatient, became one of you or lost a grip on reality, knowing I used to be one of you, or an influenced to growing individual, see myself in a light whereas society would reject and look upon the state, unless I come to you and prove myself, or others showed their way of the world. The greatest of securities are sought by the darkness and misunderstood taken for granted to the goodness is not always found in the hidden. The occult is nothing to be proud of, unless others had proven their correction among us a generation to those who were confounded and released from binding chains. Those in this manner, who have observed Godly people understand that even a sinner can be holy, but it does not make them pure in the eyes of God. Nor is any man to I fully. For life has its witness has the commonality of nature to the thoughts. But the spirit with no intention of chaos but order is worthy. It is stating, a ruler will try to encourage those as a mighty army, and split afar. To the country I never knew, your people have spread across the world and thus become a people to many scatters around and came to the peaceful of places. To cause havoc were those of darkness and those who have been paid. Yet the problem here is that in retaliation, the light would come and scorch it to the elders which were given a warning. Thus stating, the totalities co-exist forever in the memory to those whom of the life faithfully or so not through He, practice their own way. The spirit of God, will not always strive with man, but is it of I, his memory? Or does the Lord our God, know a generation and yet live? Therefore, a man to seek the end times shall not know God, nor do they value to seek his heart but the proofs. He who plays the position of God as a man or an idol of a dictator as means of control, shall surely be put to death, not by me – but by his or her people in that of the world. Yet, he being come to save the world, did not come with total sympathy towards darkness. But in his day, he taught the virtues to be a people to love and sacrifice ourselves being a Christian to teach others the truth of our faith for God. Rest assured, a generation understands knowledge as more than I, they shall grasp their teaching. A sorcerer, or diviner, and many more imperialists will be put to the test in the land, but others shall see those methods fail or fall. Should the God have remorse for the people who left and committed a deed? He shall not change his mind knowing we each hold a piece of Him that rebuke us. It is like this where mankind has been gathered and few remain after the flood to that of some of us were not taken by the wind fortunately. Though the world is peril and unpredictable. Ever accelerating is a world in a technical generation, yet the past is vital to its stability. A world shatters before a Lord and the authors to council and nothing before him besides minimal of some to people remain. It will be by this the spirits test the man for through their death is sacrifice vain compared to that which is righteous. I am man, to be aware of what is spiritual, try to isolate myself from it. But the problem with this, is the inheritance of wisdom, to power, and that of if one man is not conflicted or tested once, they fall into that trap of darkness whereas reality is a grasp upon the mankind to commit a wrong. A chain that never ends but the blameless shall be counted innocent by that of the pure and that of wicked. Who among you, as I were spared? That holds memory true and cannot lie to individuals, yet you lie to yourselves? It is within the Lord’s law is written on our heart complete. The law, unjust it does not save a man. It is they repeat to me what have you done. And I shall say, am I not as you? Though through a greater word or agreement to such you as others speak? It is rare to have that attitude in modern day, where we each have accused another during a disagreement. Greater is not the philosopher compared to that which inspires them. My logic so speaks the intellectual, such is truth beyond my years and I am not worthy to uphold it, thereby, it is falseness or insane to you for not knowing it but from perspective. There-fore, I give it to those of whomever it may concern a value in a generation that forgets besides aggression or inhumane among the morale to well-educated individuals. No man, can know everything, and he that live must prove it though among the blasphemies or wants of immortality, wealth, and much which is offered by spirits to man, to many as I hopefully reject. Happiness shall be great in that eternity spent while alive. Heaven and Earth shall pass away but not the memory ingrained of God. For though He - referring this first God made what is holy, and dark and light, we each are portions of that memory. Even if not perfect, life gathers its senses. God is not the devil, nor does He tempt any man. It is mankind that tests the virtues of his anointed. Why do the gentile rage and people imagine vileness in their heart? I am not the judge, but I too understand mistakes we to I made in history.

    Why Are People Wicked?
    Life by its choice besides the purity of one as a spirit isolate is wicked = idolism/pride
    Life cannot define its truth of how it lives compared to how it acts. = lack of faith/truth
    Life chooses to promote action among slack and possession. = laziness/greed
    Life conserves but yet not replenish in order to do the opposite for goodness = greed
    Life observes and acts as its own being for what it intends creation. = idolism/murder
    Life preserves not yet judges not the actions of the heart while committing = murder
    Life commits sexual discrimination or genocide = questionable/adulteries/murder
    Life understands and is manipulated from shadows to mankind for power.
    Life just like I am inheritors are afraid to admit, though we follow laws we have no faith to cultural struggle of growing.
    Life sacrifices faith for its blood to advance and destroy history with truth productive.
    Life is prejudice or racial from interbreeding, to nationalistic among kin and narratives. - The appropriateness of human nature.
    Life in its law has struggles of oppressions yet they have fear or are silent.
    Life is foolish among people to blame for what they are responsible for.
    Life refuses to accept religion as life principles and practice to belief rather than harm.
    Life justified through its sufferings learned or is therefore a shell regaining strength.
    Through its option mankind chooses to follow shadow willingly for pride.
    Even life is inherently good from the time of birth but only through spirit innocent.
    Manipulative is brainwashing by people trying to murder with judgement in heart.
    Mankind will lie about God and twist it for a devil to that of protectorates blamed.
    Life crucifies its own for the issues of heresy and conversion by force against lies.
    People know not in their heart, but to accept power with confusion of generations.
    Wickedness and purity clash and some indecisive, but it is not life's fault alone.
    Life made everything, and is blamed, but really it defined its name on itself.
    I as wicked or good shall not judge the Lords that council truth over that of lies.
    Other faiths contradict and clash but are of universal distinction to an absolute truth.
    Life is not perfection to make one totally happy, yet perfected or refined manifests.
    It of spirit is among isolate yet pure and life boasted of glory for namesake defense.
    Mankind sought freedom compared to the compassion of God regardless of life.
    Without compassion, I would not hold true love to understand in my heart a piece.
    True there is many "Lords" they look at the appearances. God of the first to his people looks at the heart.
    In modern time, the web is a dark rabbit hole for those of people like me with faith, hated by man and perhaps rebuked by God, but in all truth the wicked guised as purity and the pure who defend truth in actuality spoke up and were judged in name of law to God.