• So, whenever I see the argument of whether or not homosexuality is 'natural' I also see the person who is pro-LGBT argue that homosexuality is natural because it's found in animals; And the only thing I can think of is how degrading, demeaning, and scummy that is - That you have to subject gays to the level of animals, beneath humans, to justify their actions. Not to mention, it only strengthens the argument of the person who is anti-LGBT, as gay animalistic sexual behaviors are often in accordance with how they view the LGBT.

    Well, let me teach you a thing or two about homosexuality found in animals:

    1. In some species gay rape is committed to establish dominance among the males; Often to make the victims look like bitches in front of the females, so the females avoid weak males - leaving the rapist as the dominant male and gets all the females.
    2. In some species gay sex is used as a form of prostitution and/or as a bargaining chip; Often in exchange for better food, grooming, and protection from other males.
    3. When it's not mating season some animals will have gay 'Bromances' where 2 males will have sex with each other, stay with each other, and will be wing-men for each other when mating season starts back up and they go looking for females; More often this is found in animals that have sex just for pleasure.

    Some people have tried to argue that 'Bromances' are signs of a 'loving gay relationship' - They aren't ; They're just in a Bromance because there aren't any females around and they want to have sex.

    I also saw comparisons from animals to gays in the prison system; Rape, becoming someone's b***h, and using sex to get better stuff and protection.

    So, when you compare gays to animals you're basically saying they're on par with rapists, prostitutes, whores, those who pretend to be gay because it's 'trendy' (Yes, those types of people do exist), Gay-for-Pay (straight guys who do gay things for payment), Opportunistic Gays (guys who may commit gay acts solely for the act of having sex *sex addicts* - more than likely they are not actually gay or bisexual), ect.

    So, if you're going to argue that homosexuality is 'natural' I suggest not stooping to the level of animals to justify the actions of gays. It's just degrading.