• So I've noticed a bunch of assholes from a bunch of different religions, especially the Pagans, Atheists, and Witches, saying they're 'glad that Notre Dame burned down' or that 'It deserved to be burned down because of its past' - Hypocritical jackass words; By that logic your houses of worship deserve to be burned down because of YOUR religions past.

    Don't sit there trying to virtue signal and act morally superior, and act like any one of your religions don't have blood on their hands; Pagans, Wiccans, Satanists/Lucifarians, Hellenists, Old Norse, ect. Have ALL participated in a dark past such as human and animal sacrifice, *****, war, invasion, forced conversion, raiding, killing, raping, kidnapping, ect. There is no such thing as the 'Peaceful Pagan' - that is a myth perpetuated by today's Liberal Pagan.

    Some Pagans will be quick to point out 'But we are peaceful NOW' - then I will also point out so are the Christians NOW; You cannot condemn them and their past for the EXACT SAME THINGS Pagans did in their past, then sit there and try to play the victim.

    Some Pagans are also saying 'Well, this is revenge for destroying our temples and burning witches at the stake' or 'Notre Dame was built over a Pagan Temple, it's just revenge'
    1. There's very little evidence to suggest that it was built over a Pagan Temple, this only became a THEORY due to an excavation of the church grounds - Even if true, we don't know if it was purposely destroyed by Christians to build a Christian Basilica (before Notre Dame).
    2. Yes Christians did destroy Pagan temples, but Pagans also destroyed Christian temples, take that for what it is.
    3. Only about 142 people were actually burned at the stake for witchcraft; In American and Europe (3 of which were kidnapping and killing children, 1 claiming to be a prophet)

    You could keep bitching and moaning saying 'well see! the burning of Notre Dame was just revenge for what happened to us!' and I could say the exact same thing to you about what happened to your people and places of worship for attacking Christians and Christian churches. You killed them and destroyed their churches as well; You can't sit there and try to make it one-sided and act like your people are the only victims here.

    And lastly; You a*****e Pagans/Atheists think that Pagans don't take inspiration and teachings from Notre Dame; Many Pagans, especially women, draw the feminine energy from Notre Dame (meaning 'Our Lady') and use the symbol of Mary Magdalene as the divine female energy, the Godess, the Moon, the Mother, ect. And give worship to her and find sanctuary in Notre Dame.

    It also houses the only statue of Joan of Arc, another iconic female, who's energy resonates strength, love, and loyalty.

    So, when you're praising the fall and destruction of Notre Dame you're also praising the ruin of Pagans, especially Pagan females who find peace there.