• About being different
    However I do realized something is different about me. For you guys to understand. Well I haven't posted in gaia online. So I came to see what is up with everyone. However I tend to do something different about my own posts. And I realized about how Dumb I was. ( not the mention that I speak in Romanian sometimes. Well I kept forgot my own spelling errors, in other cases When I was there nothing could make sense to me. And I will not bite my own nails and keep thinking about how long they are grown. And now I am going to do something different about my own self, and now I am going to make this place as a better place and to make it happen)

    Well I know its going on with the Dracula thing. However I came to understand a little more about you guys. And I know this not real. Well in my own darkest days and countless usernames. And Even I know where it is at. However you might see me on Discord on gothic black hearts. ( even I thought theres something to talk to, and realized that something else where, since I have low self esteem, and ever then before, I am going to turn my head and say no to or yes to. Even I am going to be something different as well)

    And I thought theres a something different and really strange and came to know it all. In other words that theres alot of going on in my own head. However no matter what I wear or do something different. Well I know I have been good for past couple of weeks and not posting on everything and everyday like I used to. And I keep my mind in my own way elsewhere in the internet. And Theres going to be alot of different people who is trolling around in the internet.