• Well I have collected crystals. And my mother likes to collects them. So I asked my mother if it is okay to make a dream catcher. So we have the whole conversation about it. She is more opened minded about the whole thing then before. I don't understand why she actually allows crystals. I would try to make it. Even through I like the spider effect. Even I do understand that the dream catchers are Native American and hippie.

    She thinks that purple crystal give her good vibes gets rid of the negative. She keep crystals at the bed side table. So I explain that I have made one in the past. And she was over protective about it before. She used to be super strict before. And when I was little I actually made a couple of them and she make me threw out.

    So I actually disappointed in her when I was little. I even put effort into it. However I wanted to make a rainbow one this time. And if it's okay I can have it in my room. Even though it's actually missing something. So as a Christian I was a little more aware that My own mother have done research. Before I was little, my mother was strict. And now as a adult I have gone through so many different styles. She went to the Rock and gem shows with me and crystal shop adventures. I don't actually why she likes crystal jeweraly and dislikes dream catchers. I figured that myself that I believe what's right or wrong.

    And to be aware what I making. I would put good vibes into it. Well I was a happy person. However my mother said" my grandma from my mothers side knew the native who have past dream catchers, that have been dark and evil". So I actually discovered and said, in the crystals shops and in the craft shows I been to, I saw happy positive people that I bought it from. I told her, I go with my gut. If it's uncomfortable to buy it from a person, don't even buy it. And when I went and feel in the shops, I felt engrey from.

    So I discovered that as a Christian. I would say don't buy things from people who are not conforable to you. I would say, go with your gut. You could actually go up to the going up to self exstance. And this is really life story about my own way of thinking for well being.