• That fear has occurred to others; also, the fear that this site will be cannibalized for the new 18+ site. The most positive thing I read was that Gaia has a history of getting excited over projects, then killing them off, so this site might hold up longer than we fear. And Umbridge might leave if Gaians stop buying. But there is just so very much unknown.

    In any case, this seems to be the first time loyal Gaians have organized to ask Gaia to come back to herself - in the past, a few have left at a time. Recent changes have led to a very different response to change by Gaians: Flynn's Booty/inflation, constant ads and sales/a dire change in the relationship of Gaians and Admin capped by discontinuation of AtA, lack of maintenance, and the tipping point seemed to be the centering of the site.

    Centering alone would not have done it, but it seemed to be the last irritation, the drip of water that overflowed the cup.

    I am sad and signed up for 2 other avatar sites, only to look at them when we have another Day of Silence in protest off Gaia - which we aren't doing now, but I may go look at them on Sunday anyway. My sense is that I won't like anywhere else nearly as well as Gaia, and even now I have friends showing up here (Ha - even some who left earlier have come back). But it won't hurt me to look. That's one big change for me, but expect me to stick around unless I step on a landmine, forget ToS, get banned. Even that isn't terminal, lots of people get banned and start over, I've seen people say so.

    Anyhow, the day AtA was cancelled, I kind of got burnt out. So am going to spend less time on Gaia, but will check in daily in the guild. Am telling myself I don't have to post so much in the guild, but I decided to 'put my money where my mouth is' and instead of collecting GC from videos (not buying any for sure until things get back to normal), I donated to the guild.

    I started out so poor for so long and don't Exchange anymore because selling for such inflated prices makes my heart sore. I was also questing and almost made my goal, but of course the item inflated way beyond reach. So I gave a portion of the funds to the guild. And, seriously, I think I am a little tight when it comes to donations, but this guild means a lot to me. It's doing what I would like to see done and absolutely could not do. I really value our officers and those who set up threads for us. Every single member counts here.

    I just got diagnosed with breast cancer, so I have a lot of real life claims on my time, but real life is actually calming down, and I have this guild on Gaia.

    So - just hang in there.