• So, I didn't mention earlier that I watched the movie, "Despicable Me 2". Well, I guess it was pretty good. I could have loved it more if it weren't for the interruptions.

    I went to the very crappy, cheap, movie theater I live near with my grandma, my mom, my sister, and my aunt. We came in just as the movie was starting and the small area of seats were almost all FULL! My mom suggested I sit in front of my sister so my mom could sit next to me and my aunt and grams could be with my sis. I was at the aisle.

    Just as the movie starts, I see a man next to me and he wants to sit inside the aisle, so I move my legs so he can get in. Then, coming out of nowhere, does his wife and little baby boy! That spot's for my mom! Sorry, but I don't really like strangers that much. Especially sitting next to one while munching on popcorn. I just tried to relax and watch the movie.

    My mom came in with her popcorn and junk and saw that I was sitting with strangers, so she sat near my sis. FINE! JUST LEAVE MEEEE!

    Not ten minutes later, does the baby get fussy (he's also loud and yelled out, "Agua!" when he saw the ocean) and the man gets up and I have to move my legs so they can go out! Really, dude? Yeah, just let your baby scream out Spanish while I'm TRYING to watch a movie! Well, his baby wasn't the only one. It seemed like almost everyone there brought along a baby or little kid. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I can hear you! You're not whispering LIKE YOU SHOULD! People just talked amongst themselves, not caring about people LIKE ME around them.

    Later, the man near me is leaving with the boy and coming back again. I even left my legs out just in case he had to go AGAIN! They leave and come back like, TEN TIMES! Seriously, I'm not exaggerating!

    "Sorry, excuse me," he said sometimes. Really? You think I can except your apology after your son has interrupted the movie with his hollering? Oh, and after he shook an open soda container, which chucked ice cubes at me! And, why did you little boy stare at me while I was eating popcorn?! Did he want some? I don't think I'm going to that theater for a while.