• I do not understand why people must go around putting down other people that have such amazing talent when, you have never met them, so OBVIOUSLY you do not know them.
    There are other ways to handle your jealousy of their fame, and insecurity because you know you cannot ever have it.
    You could always be Thankful With them.
    I mean doesn’t the bible even say to “Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.” (Romans 12:15)?
    Is that not a clue that you should NOT be saying that they are horrible at singing, or if you know they are too good at singing to get away with that, you then call them ugly?
    It really seems to irk me on a bit.
    I look at people like Adele, or Amy Lee, and all I can see is two gorgeous women with gorgeous voices, then I look at all these people calling them horrible names, and for what? Because their talent and personalities have helped them rise to the top, while the person making accusations evidently doesn’t have the proper qualifications (to put it nicely) or academic achievements to make a name of their own in this aggressive world?
    Instead of calling them attention whores, or ugly, or saying they cannot sing for their lives, wouldn’t be a whole lot easier to just see a shrink and realize that your insecurities and internal self-deprecation that you try so hard to keep hidden is NOT their fault?
    They have never met you, therefore have no ill will toward you, so why when you have never met them, must you be so harsh on them for getting out there and doing something with their lives?
    For making names of their own?
    Really, it is Quite pathetic.
    I mean, I have never had a perfect opinion of myself, never really liked myself much, but I am surely not going to go take that out on someone that is as innocent toward my situation as any inanimate object that I have never even laid eyes on.
    They're not perfect, guys, but are you?
    Do you REALLY deserve to be the one doling out punishment?
    Just get over it, people, it IS That simple.