• My head, at this moment it was bursting with a loud invisible noise, I could feel my ear drums vibrating, it was the most bizarre feeling I had ever experienced. With no idea what was going on I felt a compelled feeling saying, "go outside, go on just go outside"
    With that thought I slowly tip-toed down the red carpeted stairs, the wooden steps creaking with each step I took and the peculiar encouraging voice in my head getting louder as I approached the front door. In front of the glass door I nervously pulled the metal handle down and let the door slowly open on it's own. I could feel the breeze now, the wind was thick and cold, it made me quiver through my pajamas.
    Staring outside all I saw was deep blue sky, it must have been about 4am at that moment , another freezing cold morning, nothing changes. But, what I didn't realise was, from the moment I opened the door the suspicious voice in my head had stopped, I couldn't hear anything.
    Looking down at the pale white floor I saw a brown object which I felt drawn towards, it looked like it was made out of leather, but at the time I wasn't so sure. In my head I whispered, "Is that a watch? A braclet? What is that?" With a sudden flash of regained memory I spoke "That's a time vortex manipulator! But how could I have forgotten that?" Excited as I saw it, I reached down in an effort to pick it up and then I touched it......
    My eyes had shut for a second then I woke up strapped to steel table with my arms stretched out sealed with hand cuffed shaped black seals attached to the table, same with my legs. Cold I started to wriggle about embarrassed at the fact I was in a place I didn't know and I would be seen in still in my purple butterfly pajamas.
    Patient, I waited about 5 minutes then out of irritation shouted " What's going on?! Why am I strapped to a table, and where the heck am I ?!" Looking up I saw thin glass cuboid floating above my body with a purple light (like a UV light) coming from it with four little suction holes in each corner of the underlayer of the glass cuboid. Without a reply I nervously muttered "Ohh wwhat's tthat tttthen?"
    Suddenly a round-sphere object made of steel with round red holes fitted in it for eyes floated towards me and spoke in an android voice "This is shell storage 2, prepare for incoming solar storm" Confused and cold I spoke sarcastically "Great Queen bot here ignoring me, no idea where I am and now the idea of a storm, give me a break"
    Floating away the steel sphere sealed itself in a circular chamber in the metal wall, with a glass cover and green light coming from it. From what had happened and the speech the robot had given me, made me think the robot had given me some sort of warning. Panicking I screeched, " So what was that about then!? Something's gonna happen, LET ME OUT!!!!"
    Shaking,the whole room started to Shift heavily as if it was going to be thrown, an earthquake was taking place, with dangerously high seismic levels which caused the walls to rupture and the floor to beginning to collapsing.