• Chapter 1

    It was another cold, day. I was causually waking to Cyber Warrior School, or CWS. I felt so tired. I heard that today in school we were going to try out our special Cyber Flash. It's basically this thing shaped like a square, and it can turn into any weapon you want. Super cool right? When I got to school my best friend Mickey took out her Cyber Flash and turned it into a silver sword. All the freshman gazed in amazement, as she skillfully tossed it in the air. I'll admit, I was impressed too. Then our gazes met, and she put her Cyber Flash awayand walked tword me. I felt a rush of cold air go right through me for one second, then the next second, Mickey was at the stairs in front of the building. Something wasn't quite right. Everyone was frozen in time except for Mickey and me. She rushed over to me and said " I made my Cyber Flash turn into a time machine to impress people. Now my Cyber Stick is broken, and I think time might be frozen for ever!" She held out a broken Cyber Stick in her hand. The words that kept ringing in my head were " I think time might be frozen for ever."