• Im still unsure about what happened that night it gives me shivers but here i go:

    It all started on a chilly october day the air was chrisp and damp. Something sure didnt feel right. So i walked down the street to get my best friend Molly. And we were going to our regular meeting spot the ig oak tree.But when we got there, there was a little boy singing mary had a little lamb and rocking ack and forth by the tree. So we skiped over their thinking he just lost his parents or something. But when we got there he disappeared into thin air. Molly could not believe her eyes, we looked around and we saw him a few miles behind us skipping y the creek. So me and molly walked over to him and asked if he was ok? and h didnt say a word. He just walked right threw me still skipping and singing. now my face is death white i was so scared and molly had acted like she hadnt seen anything and i tryed to get her attention and she could see me and all she did was keep walking. Thats how i found out i was dead.