• Joline has cancer. None of her friends know and She's counting down the days until her presumed 'death date' from the doctor counts her ending. Joline has many things planned before she feels complete and ready to die, from a fued with long past none exsitant bestfriends, to scores she has to settle and an ex-boyfriend who twists her up inside – can Joline be 'complete and ready' in time for her 'death date' or will Jolines 'die happy' plan go skwed and events not turn out as expected? Will Joline ever be able to find peace before death?
    Tears, laughes and social economical differences. Join Joline and her adventure, you might just learn from her... mistakes.

    Most girls my age are picking out which outfit for the weekend and which boy it'll impress – I pick what I want on my grave stone, I'm hoping for something deep, insightful, witty, charming but funny. I can tell you that anit easy with your Mom in your ear constantly asking if im alright or telling me how proud she is of such a beatiful girl. Or with your family trying to keep it together, so i've asked them to carry on acting like it was before I had cancer – when I couldn't get away with annoying my sister and I could hide away im my room without being noticed. I've also asked my Mom not to tell anyone at school not even the teachers, it's not I wouldn't like the sympathy or anything but I'm planing on using to my adventage – plus I'd like to know if my pan would work without the sympathy.
    Okay, your probably wondering what my plan is well here it – so I can die peaceful, knowing im on good terms with everyone, bit selfish but I'd rather not die with what I've got carrying over my head, and it's not like a movie where I could see their reactions without anything making them biased - y'know the sympathy thing. So here it is:

    To make, to talk to, to find out … To know how my ex-boyfriend feels about me without knowing about my cancer and get him to ADMIT what he did.

    Get revenge on some people and beat the living day lights out of some, have a really big argument and then make-up so they've seen it from my point of view.

    Talk to a long past gone exbestfriend, just to talk again and sort things through.

    See all my friends off and make sure they get the stuff I would want them to have.

    Have a book of memories for my family ready – a surprise for them!

    Joline was full of emotion this morning, she could crack any moment. She'd been up all night reassuring her older sister that everything was going to be al right and class mates prying at her was the last thing she needed. Especially since she had to wear a vest in P.E when getting changed, so they couldn't see purple and black bruising on Jolines back, and suspect anything – but wearing a vest would make them suspicious anyway.
    Sports studies was first lesson, a practical lesson run by male teacher. The subject Joline dreaded the most, it took all of her energy out of her for the rest of the day, it was exhausting.
    It didn't used to when Joline was fit and healthy, even though she carried more weight around then, but Joline was really skinny after all the throwing up – her best friend, Annaming was baffled, along with Molly, and Miru and was resulted to being teased and called lazy instead, which didn't help some days Joline could have bitten their heads off ask them how'd they'd feel dealing with all things she had to contend with – neither did it help when my complained about miniscule things and wanted sympathy for them. Joline couldn't be a verbal punch bag forever and instead walked away and then it didn't help when Joline 'accidently' over hear saying how self centered she was, when she wouldn't care about them.