• We were just sitting there in the parking lot, outside my house, me and Carolyn, while Dominic was skating around practicing tricks. He hit a pothole and ate s**t, so i jogged over to help him. "You okay baby?" i asked him, trying to help him up.
    "Yeah, i'm fine. I just wanna sit for a sec."
    I walked back to where Carolyn was sitting, and flopped down beside her. "He okay?" she asked.
    "Yeah, he'll come over in a second."
    I looked over at Dominic, and all the sudden, he started breathing funny. He tried to stand up, but he fell to his knees. He layed on his side, his eyes bloodshot, breathing like a dog.
    "s**t! Dominic!!!" i screamed and ran to him. I lifted him into my lap, and i screamed "Mama! Mom! call ******** 911!" i looked over at Carolyn, and she got up and ran screaming for my mom to call 911.
    I loooked down at Dominic, still panting heavily, and i said " it'll be okay, baby. Just hang on." His breathing started to quicken, and his eyes to flutter. i yelled, "dont leave me! dont you ******** do it!" but he was already gone.

    I woke up screaming, on the floor. I called him, and all was fine.
    It was just a dream.