• The glass princess:
    Once upon a time there was a young girl born with of fragile porcelain white skin so thin it was almost transparent, and thin deliquit bones. She was so weak that the boys and girls in her village called her the Garasu Hime. The glass princess. This princess was looked in a tower at a very young age by her father the head of the village. He was afraid that she would be swept away by the wind.
    Despite being so thin and fragile the princess was the fairest maiden in all the land rumors of her beauty reaching far and wide even as far as to land on the ears of a young demon who’s lust for power and rare things were as legendary as her beauty. The young demon set out on a journey to find this rare beauty.
    It was a matter of time until this young demon by the name of Mezurashii Waru run amuck in the young princesses village searching vigorously for the young maiden but the villagers were to loyal to the young mistress and her father to tell of her keepings. Garasu could only stand to the side and watch as her beloved village she had gazed longingly out her window at was torn apart.
    Garasu turned to the gods for help one night sneaking out of her tower and going to the temple of the gods. She prayed all night to the gods until her mouth had became to dry for the words to come out and her knees began to bleed.
    “Watashi ancesstors no kami shite kudasai, anata wa watashi-tachi ga anzende, genzai ōku no hito ga watashi no tame ni shinde iji, naganen niwatatte watashi-tachi no mura o mimamotte iru. Watashi wa tatakau tame ni yowai watashi wa hotondo watashi no hada wa totemo koware yasuinode, taiyō o tatsu koto ga dekiru. Shikashi, watashi wa kono kyōki o tomeru tame ni nani ka o okonau hitsuyō ga arimasu. Watashi o michibiite, nani o subeki ka o oshiete kudasai.”
    “Please god of my ancestors, you have watched over our village for many years keeping us safe, now many men die because of me. I am to weak to fight and can barely stand the sun my skin is so fragile. Yet I must do something to stop this madness. Please guide me and tell me what to do.”
    Finally The gods answered her prayers sending down a messenger, a mighty dragon known as Kishi kasai, knight fire. He bestowed Garasu with a long dagger that was encrusted with fiery red jewels and seemed to have a glow to it. Kishi spoke to Garasu giving her instructions from the gods.
    “Shin'ainaru garasu wa, kono tanken wa,-shin no namida de tsukura rete ori, ryū no i no hi no naka ni gizō hime. Kore de anata wa Mezurashii Waru no kokoro o pāsu suru koto ga dekimasushi,-mura o hozon shimasu. Shikashi, kore wa gisei ga fuzoku shite, kono tanken wa, sono weilder kara ōkina chikara ga kakaru yōna yowai hito no tame no kekka wa definitley-shi ni narimasu. Sentaku wa anata shidaidesu.”
    “Dear Garasu Hime this dagger is made of the gods tears and forged in the fire of a dragons stomach. With this you can pierce the heart of Mezurashii Waru and save your village. But this comes with a sacrifice, this dagger takes a great deal of power from its wielder, and for such a weak person the result would definitely be death. the choice is yours.”
    Garasu took the knife back to her tower and hid it in her drawer. Her heart was in torment, she loved her village so much but she didn’t know if she could really help. On one hand she was the only person that could get close enough to the demon to slay him but she was so weak she didn’t know if her power would be enough and if it wasn’t she would do no more then anger him into completely obliterating her village.
    Garasu had made up her mind by the next night. Taking the dagger Garasu escaped her tower once again and ran to the center of the village climbing up a tall hill and screaming as loud as she could.
    “Mezurashii Waru watashi wa anata ga watashi no hitobito ga sa reru mama ni, watashi wa yorokonde anata to iku jushin suru yō ni koko ni iru yo.”
    “Mezurashii Waru I am here to recieve you leave my people be and I will go with you willingly.”
    Mezurashii appeared before the fragile princess his eyes aglow with excitement after staring her up and down to verify she was who she said he scooped her up in his arms and carried her away to his cave just beyond the woods. There he kept her for days not showing any sign of sleep. Garasu was starting to worry that he would never sleep and so she would never get the chance to attack. But on the tenth day of her capture Garasu realized that she had never seen the demon sleep because he slept with his eyes open as any clever demon did. So the next time the cave became silent and the demons breathing became slow and steady Garasu checked his eyes by waving a hand in front of them and when he didn’t react she knew it was her chance.
    Taking the dagger Garasu jammed the demons heart, a loud piercing scream was let out and heard all over he land. Light emitted from the stab wound and eveloped Garasu, the demon, and the whole village.
    It is said now that if you visit the little village which is still intact to this day that you can visit a tower that has long since become abandoned and over run by nature to see the deliquite glass doll that was found in the ruins of a cage rumored to have held a demon of great strength and his rare glass beauty.