• 21 and a Pisces. That should pretty much explain me in short but for details sake let me explain.

    Call me Vel, I live in a small town in the south where everyone knows each others name and what they're doing at all points and times of the day. Where I live is basically a retirement town that has to many children trapped in it. The only entertainment for the youngsters is getting drunk, ********, mud riding, and whatever else drunken stupidity entails.
    I work everyday from the middle of the afternoon to around midnight at a truck stop. The only friends I have are those that work with me, a slightly older couple around 30 or so and my x bf/best friend who's a year or so younger than me. Were pretty much all each other have to really get along with in this town. Sure we all have other friends and acquaintances but we're more of the misfits to the misfits. We're kinda like a subgroup, just lingering around in the shadows and staying away from as many people as possible.
    I don't get out much, and I've never partied. Not for lack of ones to go to but more so because I just don't find that appealing at all. Little get togethers of 5 or so people are about the most Ive been around.
    I currently live with my family and have been going to a community college a town over in the past years. I'm 3 easy courses away from my Associates in Arts but I just haven't willed myself to go back yet. My original dream when I started college was to be a photographer. I went to community college on a art scholarship for my photos. I've been published in a Nikon Book of photography twice for being honorable mentions and I was awarded 3rd place in a state wide photography contest. Since then my dream has faltered a little but that's a story for another day.

    About me personally: I've been diagnosed bipolar but deemed sane enough to be off meds. I'm a bit of a narcissist that trys to fight it. I dream far to much, and ponder to many things that should be left alone. I can not accept anything for just the way it is and I have to know why to understand it. I dream to know and experience most anything I can. I want to know the world for what it is and nothing more. I have a story for most everything, and I seem to have been through a bit. I can relate to alot but not everything. I'm open minded and in the process of teaching myself to not "judge" other people no matter how against their ways I am. I aim to accept everything. I do not lie. There's no need for it, I'll tell only the truth with no falters in between. I speak strangely and half the time it makes no sense. I am a contradiction embodied.
    I've been used and abused, beaten, tore apart, consoled, held high, and loved. I know to many bottoms and highs to ever be even. This is my summary of me if it made any sense.