• This book is about when a girl named abby accidently falls into the hands of a demon visiting the human world. when she finds out her window is secretly a hidden portal they go though it to the 1700's exaping from her boss, secretly a demon. Persila, the shop owner breaks the window stoping them from coming back to abbys world. Tom and abby sudenly find them selves on a long journey to find another portal to get home. when they find them selves unknown in a demons castle, surounded. when a scraoe poisens abby from the owner demon of the castle she starts to fade away from tom. tom finding his love for her turns her into a demon the only way to keep her from leaving him and going to heaven. when they find the portal they go home and make it safely. tom telling her he cant take her away from her life leaves through the window never to come back.....but the last part of the story is a secret untill you buy it!! coming out in stores soon hoping it will get published in a few weeks. btw my dads a cop not kidding so dont copy write this. you may use a few details but not the story line or main parts. anyways it will be in stores in a few weeks so every one will just think you copyed me 0.o


    Eve Calfer