• Every time I close my eyes
    I see nothing but you
    I wish you would wipe away my tears
    But I can never reach for you

    I call for you, cry for you
    But you just ignore me
    I don't want to close this story too
    But you're history, just a memory

    Our future looked so bright
    We were so happy with each other
    Why did we had to fight?
    You promised me to be 'together forever'

    You still win, Even in this war
    Even though you're aware of what you have done
    On my heart, you have left me a scar
    But maybe I pressed the wrong button

    I'm tired of telling you I'm sorry
    My heart is shattered from the fight
    What happened exactly is still a mystery
    Now we're both lonely every night

    I'm surprised I'm still alive
    But I don't want to give up
    I can't get you back, but it'll survive
    Every time I fall, I will get back up

    I told you how much I loved you
    So many times that I lost count
    But you ignore me every time I tell you
    You ignored me so many times, that I lost count

    I forgave all of your mistakes
    But I know It was better not to
    I did it anyway, even though it gave me heartaches
    But I loved you