• I pulled out a card and started to write. I didn’t know what went through my head, it was as if I just thought about the idea and initiated upon it. As I think back to it now I thought it was the most silliest thing I’ve done, but then again I felt satisfied and carelessly disregarded the outcome.. So I wrote, I have no idea what about, but I improvised and kept it short and stated:

    Hi (smiley face)

    I know this might be weird for you, but I try to do spontaneous things occasionally. I just wanted to be a part of your life, only if it was just by a simple note. It’s just something that I can write about.


    As I folded the card in half, my action flowed swiftly, as if I had no control of myself and connectively made my way to her, placed the note on the table walked back to my desk and sat down. As soon as I sat there, my heart raced but I tried my hardest to wear my face calmly. I felt like a child having a first crush, sheepishly giving her a note as if it was still high school and the idea of giving notes still tickled the hearts of girls. So now I sit here and the idea of her still being in the room and possibly sharing the note with her friends as they laughingly joke around at the back of the lecture hall agitated me, yet I didn’t mind. It was a spontaneous moment that sent feelings of fear, happiness and satisfaction. I can only imagine what went through her head as she read the 3 by 6 index card that I passionately wrote on, yet it will be one of those things that will be remembered vaguely like a distant memory, as if it was a dream.