• Last night i had the weirdest dream, this is what happened.
    me and this guy werte running around a post apocaliptic world being chased by a king a queen and their army, they had a secret weapon and it was their "bee woman" and she controled bees and could fly. so one day the random guy and i were exploring a jungle and we found this hole in a dirt wall so i dug deeper into it and found piles and pile of facial cleaners and shampoo. suddenly there was some little boy standing there and i was explaning what all this shampoo stuff was to him. then we were being chased by some other random guy named like feck, i never did figure out why he was named that. but we were running away and all of a sudden we were in a parking lot and we were jumping over razor wire fences. we found a trailer home out in the middle of a random swamp and started looking for food, i found a whole bunch of canned beens and ice creme and popsicles. then i saw the guy hcasing us again so we started running, randomly there was a gun rack with a whole bunch of shot guns and a composit bow i chose the bow over all of the other guns. and we were jumping over razor wire fences again. then out of no were again we were in a parking lot and the random friend guy was hiding under a semi truck and i was flying flapping my arms around like a bird and trying to make eagle noises. the evil random guy was pacing around the parking lot looking for random friend guy and i jumped of the evil guy. then suddelny my dream was following a guy in a suit at an elementry school play. they kids were sitting on the ground wobbling around like the people on Avatar, and then i woke up. the end.