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    This is my first chapter of my own adaption of vampire knight, thus being a fanfic. I'm aware of the non-excistance of familiar characters in this chapter, but that's because I wanted to use this chapter to give the readers a chance to know what the 3 featured characters were like. Recognizeable characters will be in the next chapter. Thanks to those who read this, instead of just skimming to where the chapter started, and I thank you for that cuz you reduced a reason to flame me =), comment, rate, please, tell me what I need to work on...Just...don't be mean =O, =3.


    My taco crunched in my mouth, creating a meat and cheese explosion, pretty much the only 2 things I'd ever put on one of my tacos.

    I poked my head in the door in front of me, facing Ryuuji with a cat smile, "a taco? Really?" He asked with a look of disaprooval, I nodded, and entered the room with an intention of finding my vinalla coke.

    "Sure come right in." He muttured with a sarcastic twinge, "alright where'd you hide it?" I demanded, Ryuuji pointed to his new mini fridge.

    I stumbled in his rather messy room, "you really need to clean up in here." He snorted, "coming from you?" He questioned in skeptisism (not sure how to spell that... sad )
    I opened the silver fridge door, and furrowed my eyebrows in a V shape, "it's not here." I turned around to face Ryuuji, "you must've drank it." He said dully, I shook my head multiple times, "no, no, no , no, and no." "You accusing me of drinking it?" "No..Not at all." He gave me a look, "okay YES!" I ran at him, "just tell me dammit!"

    His eyes looked cold, and empty, but I knew from his hinted smirk, that this meant war. "I'm not the one who chugged down your pop, remember yesterday?" I shook my head, "if I did remember I wouldn't be annoying you for the truth at this very moment..Would I?" He sighed, "apparently you would. It doesn't matter it's gone. If your really that hung up about drinking your own pop I'll ask the headmaster to buy you a new one." I gave a cat smile, "thanks..But we'll be moving soon."

    "I know that." Ryuuji answered boredly, "could you at least sound like your listening?" He shrugged at my request, "just get out." He started to take off his hoodie, and it took a minute for me to move, "don't stand there. Get out." "I was going to."

    I closed the door on my way out, and noticed the headmaster was circling a tiny spot of the hall. "You okay?" I shouted at him, "oh..Mika, you really do know how to sneak up on one don't you?" It was a good thing he was too far away to see my facial expressions, "uh yeeeaaahhh..." I drew out the word awkwardly, "come over here." He waved his hand at me.

    I was seriously contemplating doing what he asked or running back in Ryuuji's room where the creeps lay low. I went with the dreaded..

    "Hey Ryuuji!" (hehe...most people thought the opposite, I'm like no, and they're all *facepalm =3*) "Jesus! What the ********!" He shouted, pulling a black T-shirt over himself. "Your a dude. Not a girl. I think it's okay if I see you like that." He wasn't so calm in return, "dammit Mika! Don't you ever knock? I could've been ******** naked. And the freaking headmaster was outside." I sighed, "so what? It's not like he would've looked anyway." Ryuuji gave me a deep, HELLO look, "oh common you know he can be a bit ....weirder than the average norm."

    Ryuuji had a definite point there, if there was one 36 year old not to trust with your kids, it was Hikaru. "Your being mean against the gays?" I asked, he face-palmed me, "you are really stupid. Seriously HTF did one like you get on the gifted list." "Nothings a problem when your bestfriend's friend doesn't wear a bra > biggrin ." Ryuuji frowned at me, "that's how you got on the list? Bribing the headmaster. You know he's a perv." DUH! "Of COURSE I did. Not my fault Rin offered." Hey I needed an extra reason to convince my teacher to let me pass, not my fault Rin was....willing...

    "What I want you to do, is get the hell out." I shook my head, "no! No, no, no! You said it yourself Hikaru is a creep, and he's scaring me!" Ryuuji frowned at this, "what he say?" " 'You sure know how to sneak up on one, don't you?' " He laughed, "dude, that's what he said?" I scowled, "that coming from Hikaru is creepy. Your gonna have to deal with that black T, and jeans, 'cause as of right now your coming with me. To class. Which you show so much pleasure in ditching." He glared, "I can skip whatever the hell I want."
    -_-, "you can fail whatever you want, is what you mean." Ryuuji glared, "let's go..."