• I'm definitely an avid writer myself, but call me paranoid; I don't post my works on the internet. It is just something I don't do.
    "Seriously?" You might ask.
    "Yes." I would reply. "Yes, seriously. My work is of great importance to me. I shall not risk its corruption over the internet. Every word I write is precious to me."
    Now, this may make me sound conceited, however I am far from it.

    On the other hand, what I do post on the internet are reviews. I'm someone who loves to read - short stories, chapter books, novellas, you name it. Check out my description for a more in depth discussion of my tenets, or principles.

    I'm not here to bore you or frighten you - for my accomplice tells me I can seem a bit fearsome. I'm simply here to acknowledge that I give good advice. If it makes any difference, I have a soft spot for Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy, though my reviews are not limited to those specific genres.

    If the last paragraph and my endearing personality combined have not yet won you over, I have a few samples of reviews I have given in the past:


    1. Well, I haven't read any of the other parts yet, but I sure as hell will now. XD
    It's clear that you have a lot of knowledge in mythology. Being a lover of mythology myself, I pretty much love any good piece of literature that involves it.
    But the way you wrote this makes it just that much more compelling.
    I really enjoyed this part:
    "(Quote of the author's work which I will not disclose)" You've made it seem as though there is real indecision in (Character)'s mind.
    Well, I'm off to go read the other parts now. ;D
    You really did a great job. ^^

    2. Captivating Vulgarity. It was absolutely fascinating. It is clear that you have some very advanced skills. Personally, my favourite - yes I'm Canadian, so I'll spell favourite how I want to. XD - line in your piece is, "(Quote of the author's work which I will not disclose)" It's as if the words themselves are tangible.
    "(Quote of the author's work which I will not disclose)" - another line that really spoke to me.
    I look forward to following your future writings. ^^

    3. Wow.
    The way you write is very unique. Your word choice is really exquisite. I especially thought this in, "(Quote of the author's work which I will not disclose)" There is also a really great sense of imagery there.
    Your topic creates a sense of mystery. If this was the topic of a book, I'd definitely read it. ^^
    Well done~!

    Impressive, but Grammar/Diversity Lacking:

    1. I love your concept.
    I'm going to be a bit picky here with correcting your spelling and grammar, because I believe that those small errors subtract from the really great story you've got here. Might I suggest writing the story on Microsoft Word or something similar before posting it? It'll just correct some of the little things, like putting spaces after commas and periods and such. With "(character's name)" make sure that (Character's Name) has a capital (Letter).
    With "(Phrase)" the '(Word)' should be '(Word)'. ^^ I'm not going to say much else about the rest of the story's grammar, but just on a last note make sure that you are constant with naming your characters, i.e. '(Character)' is sometimes written as '(character)'.
    But you have a really awesome story here with great potential. A little bit of revising will go a long way. ^^

    2. Hi~! Fantastic concept.
    However, I don't know if you're doing this for effect, but about 80% of your sentences start with 'She'. I'd also vary your sentence structure a bit. You know, give it a bit of diversity i.e. "Pulling out her phone again, she checked the time once more" as opposed to what you have written, "She pulled out her phone again and checked the time once more." Both are correct, but I'd consider trying some of those types of sentences. ^^
    Great work overall. ;D
    (I thought that that those sentences were okay to include as they are quite generally stated. ;D)

    A Recent Short Review:

    1. Fantastical as usual. ;D
    If you wrote this when you were half asleep, I'd love to see what you do on a caffeine buzz. XD
    I'm going to be annoying and say that you need spaces after your commas. ><

    By now you have probably deduced my superior attitude to be no more than camouflage for the real cuddle bunny I am inside.
    To conclude, life as a critic is hard work. If I don't feel appreciated, you'll have to start paying me for my time. Nonetheless, I have quite a bit of time on my hands this summer, so my pains will be free of charge for the time being. That being said, you'd better get in contact with me before I change my mind~! j/k. I'll never charge. ;D


    Hello, all. I'm a reviewer of the written word. No, I have no real certification, although I've been published more than once before. I'm quite certain that counts for something. ;D
    PM me or comment and I'll be sure to review your story. You can decide if you want my opinion in the form of a PM or a couple of comments, whichever you prefer. However, be aware that I am brutally honest, so if I think your story sucks, I will blatantly say so.
    But I'll give reasons and good feedback to back up my opinion. Also know that my opinions often take up more than two comments, so if you don't want your precious comments to appear slightly cluttered, move on.
    I take what I do quite seriously, so if you're here to waste my time, move on.
    To sum it all up, if you want an invaluable review of your story, poem, piece of prose, call me up. ;D

    1. If you want me to even consider reviewing your works, I'll need a direct link to them via PM or comment, whichever you are more comfortable with.
    2. I'll need to know your preference: Do you want the review in the form of a group of comments, or as a PM?
    3. I hope I don't have to remind you, but please thank me, even if what I say isn't exactly what you wanted to hear. ^^
    4. For those of you who need this bit of encouragement, don't feel obligated to take my advice if you don't want it. I simply put my point of view out there. Whether you listen to me or not is the step that you'll have to take.

    Just a last note:
    If you are interested in reading some of my works, PM me (please do not comment) and I'll probably allow you to see them if we have a good working relationship, under the condition that I have some insurance to my copyright. Guilt is inescapable, friends. But chances are if I know you and I've reviewed your works before, there will be no problem. Here's a quick list of what I'm offering for you to review, edit or read for your own pleasure:
    - Ink
    Short Stories
    - Alkahest
    - Shifters Series Ch. 1-3
    Unclassifiable Prose
    - The Tower (Published in an anthology)

    Happy writing. ^^