• "Hello there, miss. May I ask what you need?" the counselor asked. He had long, girly, bleach-blonde hair, and sparkling baby blue eyes.
    "I’m sorry, sir. I’m a boy." She bit her tongue afterward.
    "Oh, I’m sorry, you look so much like a girl, must be a pretty boy, huh?"
    "I guess so, sir."
    She was praying she wasn’t already caught. She still hadn’t gotten revenge for her sister– on that evil man, the one who raped her, beat her almost to death, and damaged her brain. She refused to be caught now– she had to kill him first, even if it meant she had to kill this poor, innocent man. She was not going down without a fight….
    Jasmine cracked her fingers and was about to say something but then Jake came into the room "Ryan dude I've looked everywhere for you,gym is over you need to come back to class its last bell" Jasmine looked at the teacher
    "Goodbye sir"She had to watch what she did around him he saw things clearly he was smarter then other teachers and if she had to she would kill more then one person.
    They walked to there class and she sat in the back and waited for the bell to end but the last five minutes and boy the boy,came in he had short brown hair and gray eyes and was very handsome he could have any girl he wanted but not her sister the one girl who denied him and fought him but he had his way with her.
    Jasmine clenched her jaw and fought all her power to murder him on the spot.

    All the memories came back to her at once her sister coming home in the rain ripped clothes hair messed up her head bleeding not saying a word just crying and hugging on Jasmine every time someone else would touch her shed cry or run to Jasmine.
    They took her to the doctors and found out she was raped and she had a brain damages.They were lucky to find sperm from the guy and tracked him down but the judge just let him go because he came from a rich family and he paid them off.
    He lived happily while Kimmberly couldn't eat for months by her self,slept in the same bed as Jasmine because she was scared,didn't talk to anyone besides Jasmine.He was left normal and happy while her sister was destroyed from inside out. Her hatred boiled under her skin she was so angry.Then he left the room she calmed a bit but her anger was still on heighten levels.

    Jasmine stood up at the end of the bell and just walked out and slowly walked to the soccer field the one place where she enjoyed being.She laid down and looked at the sky
    "If you like being in the soccer field so much why don't you play soccer with me?"she saw Zack with a ball
    "Aren't you suppose to be running track?"
    "Damn you gotta bring that up why don't you play?"
    "I can't"she said standing up and started walking to the dorm Zack grunted and spirited to her
    "And why cant you?"he said being noisy
    "Leave it alone"she said and just ignored him and ran towards the door and she was thinking "How can i play the sport when while my sister was getting raped at the soccer club party that was for me the only reason my sister was raped was because i played that sport" she thought and laid on her stomach in her bedroom and let her tears fall she was so angry at him but she still couldn't help but blame herself for all her sisters pain
    she sobbed silently because she didn't want anyone to hear he she fell asleep and woke up to Zack and Jake screaming at each other she stood up looked over the rail "What the ******** are you guys yelling about shut the hell up" Jake and Zack looked at her scared They became quiet and apologized and went to do there homework "I'm sorry guys i just don't like being woke up to you guys screaming" they both mumbled okays and left it alone she went to her bed and went back to sleep.
    Jasmine woke up to light shinning in her eye the sun was coming up she blinked.Then saw that Zack had already left and guessed that her out burst freaked him out about waking her up she stood up and shook her self and looked down and saw that Jake was still asleep. She walked into the bathroom and just changed her clothes she was to wiped out to take a shower she walked to the bottom of the stairs and looked at Jake his eyelashes against his skin his breathing was slowed she blushed looking at his lips he looked perfect sleeping.

    She went over to his bed and shook him awake and he opened his eyes and grabbed her and pulled her close to her.Her eyes got big and she slapped him off and she felt his head he had a fever.She pushed him off and ran and grabbed him some medicine and shoved it in his mouth and made him swallow it. she bit her lip remembering how Kimmberly got when she was sick and she got a wet rage and put it on his head.

    "I can't skip today but i can skip a few classes"she said in her girl voice knowing he'd most likely forget about it later she rested her head next to his hand and looked at him.She stood and walked and got her notebook and sat next to his bed and started to look over her homework and laid her head back after and hour or two and fell asleep.

    Jake woke up and looked at her she had her mouth open and she was drooling he looked at her and thought about how much she looked like a girl to him came running back his fingered shocked and he moved them away and noticed the medicine in her hand and the now half dried rag and smiled realizing that she was taking care of him.He half wished to himself she was a girl unknowing she already was.

    He shook her awake and she turned her head in her sleep and she looked beautiful his heart even skipped a beat he shook himself and slapped her awake she yelped.They looked at each other in silence she said in a deep voice"seems like your awake now"she looked at her watch and said "******** ******** ******** it's already 12"she said and locked there room door because teachers look for there students and she didn't want to get into trouble she didn't need anymore curious eyes on her.

    Jake just laid on the bed and smiled and said "I'm going to go back to bed ugh" and laid down
    she stared at him her heart still beating she never felt this way before she bit her lip and blushed at the thought as he did the same they both had the same thought "I'm falling for that guy...."