• Have you ever been messaging your crush on Myspace, and one tiny thing they say to you explode in your head, like a sonic boom that echoes into every crevice of your mind? A few words, and suddenly--a story unfolds between the letters. You pull-up a word document and type a few things, maybe even a whole prologue. Names and figures take shape in your mind, conversations forming in your subconscious thoughts as you sleep and dream of this story--this adventure waiting to be written.

    It's the oddest thing, and it is like the tide. One day you'll sit down and write page after page, unable to stop your aching fingers for even a moment; so much seems to happen in your mind and on paper that you have to go back when you finally stop and see exactly where your muse has led you. And another--nothing. Zip. Nadda-mundo. The words hang in the air around you, so close you can almost hear their whisper--but too far away to fully grasp. You strain and you type, but nothing sounds right. And then there are days where you feel like it's a lost cause, like you've just lost your connection to this world you've created. In your mind, in the heart of your creativity--silence. Dead, quiet silence.

    These days are the worst. The bane of my existence because they are story-killers. One day you have trouble writing, and the next you wake up and don't even bother. You sit for a few moments, reading a few chapters back--nothing. You pop open a Mozilla window and listen to some music, hoping he lyrics and melodies will jostle an idea or two--nothing. You try to write again, your fingers and words sounding hurried or twisted. You go back and re-read, maybe change a few things here and there--nothing.

    Days, weeks, even months pass and you forget. Until one day you stumble back onto the file, this story yearning for completion--for existence. But you read through and it sound odd, and things don't always make sense, and you just don't have the will to pick-up where you left off and write on.

    And those characters remain, trapped in your words, read and enjoyed only by you, and never finding an ending.