• Every day, I see or hear something about love.

    On the radio, I hear songs about how much one person wants to take another to a hotel room, proclaiming their love for that person in the form of X-rated activities.

    On television, two people who barely know each other throughout the length of a movie suddenly proclaim their undying love at the end.

    In today's books and fan fiction, love at first sight and "sex=love" reign supreme.

    But, is any of this real love? I say, "No."

    Now, some of you might be thinking "What do you mean it's not real love?! BLASPHEMY!"
    ...Well, okay, maybe a few are thinking that. But have any of you taken the time to notice that in today's media, most of the time love is shown as being two people who are really good in bed? And surely because it's in the media, it's true... right?

    Not even close.

    I grew up reading books that most people my age wouldn't touch unless it was for an English class assignment. My favorite writer is Victoria Holt, someone that most people nowadays don't know or don't care to know. (She's long dead, but I think you understand what I mean.) In her books, the love shown throughout the chapters is often one built up over time. Sex is merely treated as a bonus, and they don't do it often - not to mention that when they do, there is barely any description. This is a far cry from how love is presented today.

    This isn't the only issue I have about today's representation of love. In my eyes, love at first sight does not exist. There can be an attraction at first sight, but not love. Many people today confuse love with attraction or lust. At least, that's my observation. You do not know the real person when you first meet them. Everyone wears a mask to make a good first impression. We hide our true selves on the inside and slowly show more and more of ourselves as we get to know someone. How can you love someone when you do not know the person behind the mask? How?

    What is real love? Real love can be difficult to describe in words...
    Even so, I shall attempt to convey what I think it's about.

    Real love is when you know the other person's favorites.
    Real love knows that you're not perfect...but that doesn't make you unloved.
    Real love is being there for someone through thick and thin, not just sticking around for the good times.
    Real love is a partnership.
    Real love is accepting someone despite their flaws and quirks.
    Real love is getting to know the other person as a whole, not just the good parts of someone's personality.
    Real love is caring deeply for one another all the time, not most of the time.
    Real love is having a relationship that doesn't require sex to have a good time. (Not saying "no sex ever!" but it shouldn't be the entire focus of a loving relationship.)
    Real love is just being there for the other person.
    Real love is, to quote something you may all recognize, "patient, kind, and never jealous." (By jealousy, however, I more or less focus on being happy when someone makes an accomplishment instead of being envious.)

    To those of you who stuck around until the end to read this, I thank you.

    One can only hope if this reaches someone...