• on a seemingly normal day every thing was going perfect...until i went outside for some fresh air, no one outside was moving at all thats odd so i run over to someone and tap their shoulder and they instantly turned into a skeleton. being only eight at the time i had this dream i instinctively turned around only to find my house consumed by darkness. soon before i knew it there was darkness everywhere consuming everything till there was nothing left but the ground i walk on .then at the moment i thought it was all over the ground itself began fading into the darkness. In a matter of seconds it had reached me and i fell into the seemingly never ending darkness. after to me seemed like a hour of cold darkness i began to see lit torches hovering around the wall, which was when i realized the wall was embedded with human remains.after seeing that i thought the worse was over lost souls began to dart from the wall and circled around me, but strangely instead of fear i felt comforted by their mystic circling. then without warning i crashed into sea of water me thinking i shouldn't have survived the crash woke dazed on the shore and lay there in amazement at the forest i saw a beauty i shall never forget but then a strange cloaked figure ,whose identity is still unknown to me, distracted me from the beauty helped me up. before i had time to thank the man he told something to me i wont forget he said"let your body rest and your soul fly" not knowing what he meant by that i stopped to think about it yet before i could answer he thrust a sword through my heart and told me to pay attention to what he said next and he said "your welcome"then i began to ascend upwards flew somehow through the floor of my house then i saw my self laying there lifeless so i had to know if i was dead so i walked over to my body and then i woke up.

    The time that had passed while i was asleep had been less than a minute