• This is my own personal experience. I highly suggest that you NEVER play Sonic R! Ever! Ever! Ever!

    Well, here goes.

    I consider myself to be a videogame collector. Over the years I've collected a wide array of consoles and, games ranging from as old as Pong to as recent as Red Dead Redemption. *side note* (It's ******** awesome, no seriously go buy it...NOW!) Anyways, at the time Sonic and the Black Knight (Absolute s**t) was coming out I had lost all faith in Sonic games, but was getting pumped for the release by playing all my old Sonic games. So of course you know I had to bust out the Sega Saturn and the Sega Genesis and do work on some Sonic 1 and 2. However, I had noticed that I had an orignal copy of Sonic R in near mint condition lying around. I remembered that I could never finish it as a kid so I decided. "Why not? Lets give it a shot" Not realizing then that this was a huge mistake. I must've spent at least 5 hours completing that game until I got 100%. I then noticed that I unlocked the Tails Doll as a playable character I was on the character select screen when I decided to break for a late night snack. When I returned the Tails Doll's 3D image was no longer upon my television screen. Only his shadow remained. I was really creeped out, I decided to pack up for the night and go to bed, but all I could see was a blinding red light. My skin started to burn as if the red light was a piercing flame and my body started to tremble. I eventually blacked out. When I awoke I was in a pitch black room with a Sega Saturn controller wrapped around my neck and both my hands were bleeding. Soon there was a faint red light lighting the room and, all I could see was TAILS DOLL written all over the room in my own blood. I then saw him standing there with a knife pointed at me. He plunged the blade into my chest and the pain was excruciating I then felt myself falling deeper and deeper into black abyss. When I hit a surface I found it was bed I was lying in. I ran to my computer to do some research on the Tails Doll. My computer background was a picture of the Tails Doll and any document that I had saved was replaced with a spam of "TAILS DOLL FOREVER" Even all my Itunes songs were replaced with Can You Feel The Sunshine from Sonic R. My computer then notified me that I had an email from Dot Lisall. The email said. "Lets play again sometime." At first I thought it was one of my xbox live buddies but then I put two and two together.


    I then went to check my Saturn to find that Sonic R hadn't been moved from inside it's case. I then thought to myself. Is he real? Was I lucid dreaming last night? or Is someone ******** with me?