• When I was little, I always loved sleeping with my mother! I was like her companion and her, mine. Whenever something was wrong and I heard mommy crying on the bathroom toilet alone, I'd always come running in by her side comferting her. I may not understand why she was crying, but I would always hug her trying to make her smile, and listen to what was on her mind, even if I didn't understand that either! I loved my mom! She was all I really needed whenever my cheeks were wet from tears, weither I wa bullied at school again today, if I had my first case of head lice, or... ... I simply needed her embracing hugs to make my nightmares feel at ease. Wherever I was, mommy was always there by my side! At night I'd always look forward to sleeping with her. Her warm body against mine, my headresting closely by her chest, as her strong heartbeat lulled me to sleep. The bond we shared we warm, inviting and fuzzy. A beautiful bond only a mother and daughter could share! That is untill I was seperated from her whan I was only seven. My entire life fell apart as big clouds of black and dark grey quickly filled my world, as love inturn vanished quickly, slipping from my fingertips faster than sand. Everynight I'd crawl under the covers crying alone in this cold bed, rocking myself to sleep. No one loved me. I was nothing but a filthy-outcast child in their eyes! It was only my stuffed panda I loveingly clung too, as it had the smell of mommy that comferted me through almost nine years and counting, of empty-cold and lonely nights.

    It's only now that I realize why I've fallen heavily in love with girls. I've missed sleeping against mom's warm body, her cool breath flowing swiftly down my neck, that I've taken it upon myself to find a stronger bond. Just like the one mommy and I so dearly shared. But who am I kidding? No one can show that same greater bond mommy and I had, as she sang me to sleep. A beautiful bond such as ours, can only be shared by two souls. A gentle mother, and her loving daughter.