When I went to go find the fourth most popular guy in school,train,he was no where to be found,then I remembered where he would be because a mounth ago I over heard him saying that he goes to the abandond school yard in the old tree two days of the week when he skips classes,but befor I asked him to prom I wanted to get to know him better.One thing i do knoww about him is that he loves the color black.When I got to the abandond school yard,Train was sound asleep in the old tree.He looked so cute,just like a prince.he woke up and said"WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT STALKER"I was devistated.

    "This is so bad on my ego"


    What do mean stalker?!Well you were looking at me when Iwas psleeping weren't you?Well,yeah,b-but I wasn't stalking you!Oh,so what weeere you doing,and how did you know I would be here?W-well I overheard you say that you came here two times a week when you skiped classes,and what I was doing here was... Speak up,I can't hear you.I was trying to be your friend.Don't mess around.I'm mean to everyone including you.For two reasons,1:I do think your nice you just don't show it and 2:I wanted to get to know you before you I asked you to prom.Y-you were going to ask me,to prom?Yes,Iwas.Your so nice,I wonder why the guys and girls say such nasty things about you.What?Say nasty things about me!

    "This is bad for my ego"