• When I was in 5th grade, I was a new student. I came to a point when i became good friends with these people. I remember when we would always hang out on the benches, talk about anything about everything,and play games we made up. I had my two best friends in the world. Next year in six grade, we were all in different classes. In the first day,my two best friends were worried if I moved because I ALWAYS move from place to place,like a nomad. They were so happy to see me, I felt the same way. The first month past already. I was starting to get the hang of what I have to do. I even get ready early because I loved that school. My teacher is SO funny too. Why would I go to school late with all that entertainment! In Monday,my mom told me and my older brother that we were moving to Oregon. When I heard that I was sad.

    I told my best friends and anyone else who are close to me about the bad news. They were shocked. I told them my last day was Friday. On Tuesday,I got a camera to school to tae a picture with my friends.Turns out, that day was the last day I saw them. ITS MY FAULT!!!! The very next day, I got sick, my mom didn't let me go to school, but i insisted so much! Then on Thursday, I promised my friends that I would meet them in the libaray for my last day with them in the libaray. Before,that year,me and my best friends would ALWAYS walk to the libaray EVERY after school. Well only because its so close to our school. I showed my friends this very website,''gaiaonline.com''.

    That day,my mom changed her mind that she'll start moving today,Thursday! I insisted again,but no use! That day,when I went in the car,ready to leave, I said to myself quietly,''Sorry.''When I reached Oregon, I met my two dearest aunt and my aunts two girls. I've never met them for the last four or five years. When I went to school there, I got a really nice teacher that has humor,but not too humorous. One day, my class had to write a story of a place you went to,or something like that. I wrote mine about,well,what I'm telling you now,how it all started while I was gonna move to Oregon.

    My work was about seven to 12 pages long,all in small handwriting,just so I wouldn't waste anymore paper. I wrote that paper with feeling,I mean why else would I write such a long story? Well, I was finally finished with the paper.That was my goal,you see,a few days before,my mom told me that I'll be moving back to the state which my two best friends live. I was both happy,and sad because I would miss my aunt and her family there too. The day I finished my paper was the day I moved. Now I go to a different school,which isn't all that great or even have much entertainment,but its alright...

    When I went to gaia, I made a message to all the people I know for real that I'm back in their state. I even got a little ''met back together'' with my two best friends in that same old libaray,near that same old school,with my same old friends.THE END