• People love to adore ones who have made something of their selves.
    Although this person who has these things that make the emptyness inside them selves "fade away",they useually have a darkness or secretcey beneth the skin they live and breath in.They try to hide these things that make them imperfect,by haveing a huge flashing house,flashing car,and massive jewlery.They find that that not enough..they think "i need more done i don't wan
    t my true self to come or stand out."They reslove to getting a new face by plastic surgery.The person figures this a a new face,a neew life.But the emptyness is still there.Theres no escapeing from this body you drag your self in.You go to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain,hopeing it will all go away,but hope won't help your emptyness your told.In the end you say "******** all this i can't live this way anymore"....you get severly drunk..go to the edge of a cliff yell at that emptyness you have and jump......All the pain is go and vanished form your body...but waiting..lurking to enter anothers.