• She sat there watching him. He stood at what seemed to be 6’11’’. He didn’t stand out to her because he was tall and handsome, it was her curiosity. His head was rather small for his size, it wasn’t much wider around than the neck it sat upon, the way he held it up didn’t help distract her from its size either. His neck always seemed to be stretching forward, as if he were reaching to pick something up with it. Watching him play basketball was the highlight of her day, his head was on an even playing field as the ball! She never had, nor will she have the nerve to confront him, she doesn’t want to extinguish his ego.

    She does this to everyone at her school, everyone who is loud and/or annoying. The teacher’s pet in her English class(s) has been a target ever since they met freshman year. That girl is much shorter than she (that girl makes our 5’5’’ character seem tall), she is also husky, but insists on wearing clothing a size or two smaller than her need. Having to hold back gags when asked by her ‘friend’ if she has any idea where these mystery bruises on the flabs of skin tucked into her pants were from.

    “They are from the unflattering pants you wear!” she wants to scream, “Stop squeezing your flabs of fat and skin into small places and the bruising will stop. Wearing clothing that actually fits will do better for your image and your health. If you do that, along with; wearing less makeup and not flirting with the teachers at all, I think you will save yourself from falling into the unwanted category of life.” Holding these answers in the back of her head, she would instead smile and answer “I have no idea.” Ending it like that would never hurt anyone. And save the reputation of the Gay club leader.

    The gays at her school are the most fun to poke at. The lesbians are no bother to anyone, as long as it isn’t the immature freshman ones that make sport of having sex in the school bathrooms. It is the male gay men that drive her up the wall. When the walk down the hallway and almost burst into tears because they love an outfit a girl is wearing will never fit on him, this makes her want to puke. That is called being a transvestite, you idiots! If you love dicks up your a**, that’s fine with me, but if you love your own d**k too much to rid yourself of it, than that is too bad. That is not being a transvestite that is just being too naive about the rules of being gay. How does a strait kid understand it better?

    The sluts and druggies are the treasure of the school. She fancies being there to give advice to them when they ask for it. Like her, they too wish to be with the living, but being an outcast of not just the students, but the teachers as well brings tears to her eyes. They were veterans of the social awkward that went to enjoy what they watched others do, but their fieldtrip went wrong for them. Being trash to others, the main subjects of new rumors are nothing new to them. They can brush anything off with a can beer or a box of beer. A shot of acid or a box of condoms and some friends. As long as they enjoy their freedom, they don’t care.

    A branch off the druggie group is a boy who believes he would be so cool, if he smoked pot. Sadly for him, he doesn’t. If he did, he might at least keep his mouth shut around her friends. He instead uses his mild imagination to imitate what he believes potheads do. Leaving a whole bus of students forced to listen to his incorrect grammar and plagiarized sayings. Sharing a class with him the previous year left her feeling glad she doesn’t have one with her this year, but bad for the people who must pray for him to try a drug, any drug, and odd.

    Another annoying person to her would be the child with the small hands and big nose, does anyone know what girls compare small hands to? He knows that people hate what he does, do why doesn’t he stop doing it? To make matters worse, he has a scent that mimics that of washed out urine.

    “Doesn’t he know how to bath!” she wants to scream at him every single morning that he reaches to touch her or her friends who are also with her in the female race. “If you want to touch a girl, touch your girl friend!” a shame on his part would be his girl friend. They look as if they could be twins! The arrangement of the faces and their way with their attitudes, who would of guessed that they were going out?

    There are also two black kids that have bugged her since her freshman year. Whether it be going out on a date or just hanging out as friends, they don’t seem to understand what a no is! The first one is tall and skinny. Throughout his freshman and sophomore year, his hair has stayed at almost bald. Now it looks as if he found a discarded afro wig from the disco era and glued it to his head. To make matters worse for her, he was in her English class sophomore year, and is now in her junior science classes. Being part of the schools choir groups and the school’s musicale has given him a strong self esteem, but has brought his maturity level equal to that of a kindergartener. Singing or humming extremely loud in a middle of a test is one of his favorite things to do. Sometimes the people who can’t sing are the ones better off bursting out in song. Because she believes that they are easier to say shut up to.

    The other black child is shorter and fatter. He too is in the school musicals. As if god were saving her from him, he hasn’t been in any class with him since freshman year. To add to the annoyingness he possesses, he is also part of the step team. Having him breaking in to song and then breaking out into dance has been one things she tries to avoid through her school day. What makes both of these people targets of her ego deflating is, they have asked her out multiple times. Thinking that it would end after a while, she went out with the tall one for a week or two. Her mistake was, he thought her really liked her. She now avoids talking to them at all costs. Many might never have guessed that the quiet person could be so negative about people she does and doesn’t know. At one point in time she would have been considered a part of the untouchable group, the social awkward. She could have spent hours inside her bubble of safety, with no verbal contact with the outside world. Sneaking out to put in, and receive her two cents of the world from the world has changed her naive insides and casted her out of the social awkward, leaving her alone and stronger than ever. She has since then made sport of poking at egos in her own way.