• "Wow, this apartment has a great view." Hannah moved away from the window and stopped to watch her brother carry in a tub of her stuff.
    I stood in the corner of the room watching to just in case any help was needed. Her father and brother had already brought up her bed and her dresser. Now they had started carrying up her possesions which filled exactly five of those big tubs you buy from the store. So now if have a roomie, she's getting a job here in the city, and she is paying half the rent just like me. To be honest I've meet her a maximum of two times, and she has some spunk, or something.
    This apartment could definatly use a few womenly touches because its kind of just been me here. I've tried to have a roommate before, they'll get a job, they'll pay the rent a few times, quit that job, bum out on the rent for about three weeks then I'll have to kick them out or we both get kicked out. My salary is enough to pay the rent and get me buy, but the extra money well both have couldn't harm any.
    Her mother turned to me and smiled.

    "So how long have you been living here."

    "Uh, a year or more."

    " Really! Well Hannah here has been wanting to come up here to to city for years and try her hand at life in the fast lane. She has tried her hand at just about everything and will have no problem finding work shes already started looking." she smiled towards her daughter.

    Hannah's mother was a happy looking women, looked like she had lived a good life and was ready to settle down into retirment in a cabin on a lake somewhere. She had wavy pale brown hair that framed her ever smiling face. Hannah looked just like her, a little taller and her hair was longer, but for the most part you'd know they fell out of the same tree.

    "Oh, before I forget." Hannah's mother, Patty, turned to to me with a finger in the air caused by her sudden remembering. "Is it alright if I stay a make dinner? I'm sure its been a while since you've had someone cook for you. I want to stay near my little girl as long as I can before we have to head home."

    "Sure, no problem, but you might need to go out and get some stuff because I really don't have much here." I rubbed the back of my head because honestly at this moment I was feeling useless.

    "Oh, well I'll go see what you have and if you don't have what I need I'll get Ted to take me to get it." she pat me on the shoulder and left the room.

    "Do you guys need any help?" I ask Ted and Hannah's brother.

    "No, I think we got it." Ted looked around the room in a final scan to see if everything was alright.

    "Alright." I left and went into the living room.

    Since there was no wall separating the living room from the kitchen I could see Patty looking through the cupboards. She would open a cupboard and look in, shuffle a few things around, every once in a while she would pull something out and put it on the island. She started at the freezer shuffling things around in a frozen fog.

    This had to be the worst part of getting a new person in an apartment. They have there family and friends over and show them the house and they'll want to stay over for a little bit and help out. It gets a bit akward. I mean this is the first women I've had live here, the other dudes I've had it's a bit less weird, I'll talk to there friends because I mean most those are dudes to and we got more in common. Hannah's family they're close, it's kind of making me feel like a loner because I really don't know them and they've taken over for the moment.

    "Really, young man you need some help grocery shopping, this isn't very healthy for you. I'm sorry." She turned to me."You honestly are in very good shape,"she smiled and came over to me."I mean look at those muscles, but you need more in your diet. I'm telling Hannah and she'll help you, oh dear me I'm starting to sound like my mother." She put and hand on her chest and looked down the hallway, "Ted you need to take me to the store." she waved her hands at him. "The kids will get her things set up."

    "Alright Patty, lets go." he waved at her purse on the counter and looked at me with a look saying 'Huh, normal Patty what can you do with her'.

    Patty waved and was out the door.

    A few minutes later I was on the couch, the TV was flicked on and I was listening to Hannah and her brother Duke moving things around and I would Hannah laughing ever now and then.

    Hannah yelled down the hall, "Matt, you have to come see this!" I could imagine her jumping up and down, spunk.

    I got up and went to her doorway weirdly glaring at the purple light spilling light out of it.

    "Woah," I sheilded my eyes.

    She had fluorescent lights in, her whole bedroom was neon.

    "It's a-mazing." she grinned, "I've never thought it would be this awesome."

    "Well I'll tell you what, the neighbors can probably see theres a new person in town." I pointed out to the balcony.

    I looked at the bedcovers to her king sized bed, they all were paint splattered with neon colors on a white canvas. It was the same with her bureau and her bookself, nightstand, everything! And to be honest it looked pretty cool.

    The bedroom for the most part was normal. The curtains on the balcony doors were plain white, a silver classic alarm clock was on the nightstand along with a lamp and a picture of her family. A radio on her bureau that very much fit her style. It was a hot pink box, the sides were green speakers, the controls on the front were in the order that made it look like a robot face. She had some sence of very colorful style. Definitley different.

    "So are you near settled in?" I asked looking around.

    "Yeah, I think I'm good." she smiled," I just have to put some stuff in the bathroom." She grabbed a bag at the end of her bed and waved for her brother to follow.

    Alright then. Not felling so useless is good. I escaped to my room and pulled night pants out of my dresser. When I heard Hannah moving down the hall way talking up a storm I headed for the bathroom.
    I clicked into shower mode. Undress, hop in, wash up, get out, get dressed again. I stepped out of the bathroom, no shirt, rubbing my towel over my head.

    "MAAATT!" Hannah yelt. "Come out here."

    I padded down the hall and stopped at the kitchen. Patty had cooked her dinner, and it smelt pretty good.

    "Yeah?" I asked.

    It was Patty who answered," Come, eat, enjoy." she smiled and waved toward a chair.

    "No, I'm good, thanks." I whipped the towel over my shoulder. It's there family dinner thing dont interupt it, I thought.

    "Oh come on, Why not?" Ted said. Turning to me.

    "It feels like an invasion of privacy." I replied honestly.

    "Non-scence, sit!" Patty scowled at me.

    "Alright, hold on." I held up my hands in surrender.

    I went to my room. I wasn't going to dinner by force without a shirt on. I turned to the door, I thought about locking itand staying in here until they left. No that would be rude.

    Back in the kitchen, in between Hannah and Duke. I had the food in front of me feeling like and idiot. Why? I hate this kind of stuff. I wish they could have just left me out of it and gone home. They talked about everything. Family, friends, fishing stories, hunting stories. The hunting and fishing was nothing that I could relate to because I've lived in the city my entire life. I learnt everything about Hannah's past that everyone at that table knew because for some reason they thought I needed to know all of it. Hannah and her mother washed the dishes and Ted and Duke moved me into the living room.
    We all talked in between the commercials of a football game I had planned to watch. They seemed to be fanatics. I wouldn't have doubted it for a minute. Duke wore his old high school letterman jacket, that being the conversation in between, Duke's high school football career. He has since graduated and was set up to join the military.

    I was revealed when they said they had to go. Ted and Patty hugged her at the same time then walked out the door, Duke hugged her, lifting her off her feet.

    "See ya." he put her back on the ground. "Matt," he looked at me,"Hurt my sister, I scalp you."

    "Duke!" Hannah said. He glared at me and pointed and left as well.

    She shut the door.

    "Finally." She huffed, "Thought they'd never leave."

    I just grinned and plopped onto the couch.

    "Dont mind my brother." she sat on the end of the couch," He wont hurt you." she folded her legs close to her.

    "A bit protective is he, I now am afraid I'm going to lose the top of my head." I joked.

    We watched TV for a while and I got up and walked towards my room. My bed was calling me, 'Come, go to sleep, death threats make you tired'.

    "You going to bed." Hannah looked at me.

    I just shook my head.

    "Sounds like a plan." she stretched and turn off the TV. I didnt stay to watch her, I just headed to bed, hit the pillow and I was out.