• It was a foggy afternoon,
    The planes were all grounded.
    The soldiers thought it would rain soon,
    Out of nowhere battle sounded.

    The artillery sounded.
    The ground pounded.

    Bombs were dropped, combat engaged,
    Soldiers deserted, morale was low.
    Then a spray all around me conflict raged,
    The bullets missed, twangs on a bow.

    The artillery sounded.
    Our hearts pounded.

    The air force was called,
    No time to mourn.
    Many men mauled,
    Heroes were born.

    The artillery sounded.
    We were surrounded.

    There were explosions, it was a war,
    I talked to the man next to me.
    His eyes didn’t stir, he looked bored,
    Those eyes could no longer see.

    The artillery sounded.
    We were confounded.

    Suddenly a homely smell,
    But in our fox hole we hunched.
    Then my dad says with a yell,
    "Stop playing soldiers and come in for lunch."