• Jessie was a naive writer.She was stranded in Prague.She managed to borrow money from a famous actor named Justin Lazatin.When she got back in the Philippines,she found out that her brother Donald sold the house to Justin.When Jessie got sick for sleeping outside,Justin took care of her.He also made her the housekeeper.

    One night both of them went on a party.Then Justin made an unpleasant announcement to everybody in the party.He said that he was getting married to Jessie.Then he kissed Jessie.When they got home Justin asked Jessie to a fake mariage for one year.They made a contract, that after one year Jessie will have her house back.

    Jessie became attracted to Justin,but Justin loves Elaine.They kept this secret for a long time,but Justin's manager,Mr.H found out and Justin's friends,Luigi and Elaine.So Elaine and Luigi tried to get them seperated because Luigi love Jessie,but Jessie loves Justin heart .They made another contract that lasted two years.Justin,made it longer because his a little bit attracted to Jessie.