• 1st day:
    He had her at first glance, Alex only 17 lived in the U.S and in London....Megan 12 yrs old lived in flordia...VERY mature for her age... but sometimes went to new jersey thats where Alex was. Alex was her next door neighbor she looked out the window and saw her dad talking to this cute scene boy. He came up to her room to see who Meg was. they started talking a lil He told her "i think you like me" she said "No your way to annoying" They started laughing and talking about random things Megan liked him and he liked her.....she looked 16 evry 1 thought she was....she put aside the age difference
    3rd day:
    Alex invited Meg over to hang out it was cold and rainy that day Alex "forgot" the key and now they were in the cold locked outside they then went under a tree and he said "I can hold you if your cold" she moved closer the deal was sealed with a kiss.

    After that they were so in love they would go out to eat, always talk online when they wernt 2 gether...One night Alex's parents were gone and Meg came over they started kissing then it turned into something more he ran to the store to get some "Stuff" he came back.....they spent the rest of the night in bed.Meg just lost it and she was only 12 he was 17 it was his 1st time too. Age didn't matter....

    When meg had 2 leave back to flordia it was horrible to leave him they said that they could date other people but when they saw each other they would always be so happy. She always missed him she had her future planned out with him and always would talk about him. she says it will last 4 ever

    btw this is about my friend her real name is Lizzy and now she is 14